Ultimate meat-free barbecue! 60+ recipes for mains, sides, sauces & desserts

I got all excited the other day when we managed our first barbecue of the summer! OK, we had to actually eat inside, but the food was all cooked al fresco, over glowing coals. And boy it tasted good!

I always think that Lag BaOmer, the minor Jewish festival marking the 33rd day of the Omer, kicks off the official barbecue season, and this year it falls on May 26. It is traditionally associated with bonfires, barbecues, picnics and parties – hello summer!

The Omer is  a period of 7 weeks from Pesach (Passover) to Shavuot (Pentecost). It is a time of semi-mourning, when music, parties and celebrations are avoided. This is in memory of the 24,000 students of Rabbi Akiva who died in a plague, or were killed by the Romans in the Bar Kochba uprising (132-136 CE). However, on Lag BaOmer, it is said that the plague lifted, and the Bar Kochba rebels achieved a victory. Lag BaOmer also commemorates the anniversary of the death of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, a 1st century sage and kabbalist, and author of the mystical work, the Zohar. Lag BaOmer bonfires are said to remind us of the light he brought into the world with his teachings. 

So, back to the barbecue! I love cooking on a fire or open coals, but I don’t eat meat, which is typically the first thing that springs to mind when you think of such cooking. So, to help me – and you! – get inspired for our Lag BaOmer barbies, and all those coming over the rest of the summer, I’ve compiled this extensive list of delicious barbecue dishes with no meat at all.

Happy Lag BaOmer! Time to get grilling 😀

60+ recipes for meatless BBQ mains, sides, sauces & desserts, so vegetarians & pescatarians can enjoy barbecue season too!

Veggie main dishes
Cajun spiced black bean and sweet potato burgers from Tinned Tomatoes.
Marmite mozzarella flatbreads and reggae-reggae potato skewers from the Veg Space.
Marinated grilled cucumbers with garlic & dill dip from Veggie Desserts.
Spice millet and chickpea burgers from Delicious Every Day.
Puy lentil and mushroom vegan sausages from Tinned Tomatoes.
Vegetarian mushroom burgers from Goodie Godmother.
Grilled eggplant with a tomato caprese from Home and Plate.
Grilled summer squash boats from Healthy Seasonal Recipes.
Mexican carrot dogs with chunky salsa verde from Strength and Sunshine.
Grilled corn and peach quesadillas from Vegging at the Shore.
Quinoa stuffed peppers on the barbecue from the BBQ Bastard.
Grilled habanero vegetable sandwiches with spicy cilantro mayo from Food Done Light.
Grilled portabella mushroom banh mi sandwich from Happy and Harried.
Mushroom quinoa burgers with roasted garlic and thyme mayonnaise from Delicious Every Day.
Kidney bean and kale BBQ burger from Veggie Inspired.
Grilled portabella burgers from Garlic + Zest.
Black bean quinoa veggie burgers from Emilie Eats.
Homemade gluten-free vegan veggie burgers from Cotter Crunch.

Fish dishes
Sticky Scottish salmon kebabs with sweet chilli and honey from Foodie Quine.
Salmon and leek kebabs with citrus herb marinade from Family Friends Food.
Barbecue sardines with wild garlic salsa from Foodie Quine.
Moroccan spiced salmon skewers from Family Friends Food.
How to grill a whole fish from Food52.
Barbecued mackerel with ginger, chilli and lime drizzle from BBC Good Food.

Grilled side dishes and salads
Barbecued apricots with goats cheese from Tinned Tomatoes.
Summer salad with grilled vegetables from Family Friends Food.
Grilled pear salad bowl from the BBQ Bastard.
Grilled sriracha broccoli from Mary Ellen’s Cooking Creations.
Grilled garlic butter sweet potatoes from Food Done Light.
Halloumi and watermelon kebabs from Family Friends Food.
Israeli couscous with grilled vegetables from Caroline’s Cooking.
Grilled eggplant and spinach salad from Salt and Lavender.
Herb and parmesan grilled corn from Syrup and Biscuits.
Smokey BBQ potatoes in foil from Family Friends Food.

Ungrilled side dishes and salads
Minted bulgur wheat salad with fennel and apple from the Veg Space.
Fennel salad from Tin and Thyme.
Easy couscous salad from Eats Amazing.
Tangy potato salad with garden herbs from Family Friends Food.
Elote (Mexican street corn) from Brooklyn Munch.
Strawberry mango asparagus salad from Stellicious Life.
Avocado salad with oranges, olives and watercress from Family Friends Food.
Easy grapefruit, corn and mint salad from Athletic Avocado.
Vegan German noodle salad from Elephantastic Vegan.
Mediterranean couscous with olives, artichokes and dried tomatoes from Elephantastic Vegan.
Summer corn tomato salad from Simple Nourished Living.
Sweet potato black bean salad from Bunsen Burner Bakery.
Israeli chopped vegetable salad from Family Friends Food.
Southwestern quinoa salad from Bits of Umami.
Spicy summer bean and chickpea salad from Blossom to Stem.
Mango and feta summer salad from Pretty Wee Things.
Rainbow slaw with tahini dressing from Nourish Everyday.
Tomato watermelon salad with feta from Salu Salo Recipes.
Bread and butter pickles from Served from Scratch.

Condiments and sauces
Smokey rhubarb barbecue sauce from Rhubarbarians.
Grilled lemon and basil vinaigrette from Culinary Ginger.
Peach barbecue sauce from Binky’s Culinary Carnival.

Grilled desserts
Barbecued pineapple with coconut rum from Family Friends Food.
Grilled celeriac and apple cake with apple ice-cream and salted bourbon butterscotch sauce from Veggie Desserts.
Grilled peach parfait from Kitchen Sanctuary.
BBQ-d pineapple from Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary.
Grilled fruit kabobs from Home and Plate.
Grilled nectarines from A Virtual Vegan.
Mini grilled strawberry shortcake skewers from Snappy Gourmet.

Ungrilled desserts
Banoffee pie from Lovely Appetite.
Watermelon & coconut ice-lollies from Family Friends Food.
Delicious choux pastry buns from Lovely Appetite.
Watermelon & berry salad with basil-mint sugar from Family Friends Food.
No-churn lemon ice-cream from Eat Healthy Eat Happy.
Ice-cream puffs from Family Friends Food.
Strawberry mascarpone tarts from Family Friends Food.

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Do you have a favourite meatless barbecue dish? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Oh my, so many choices & so little time! Well I for one was thrilled to see some fish dishes, as I eat fish, eggs & cheese but no meat or derivatives from meat.
    Thank you

  2. YUM! What a fantastic resource. Have pinned for future reference. Thanks for including a coupe of mine.

  3. What a great array of dishes. So much choice and variety for a meat-free BBQ!

  4. What a lovely array of dishes! I’m trying to eat more healthily right now and this will be perfect for me. thanks so much Helen!

  5. What a fantastic roundup Helen, so many to choose from and such inventive ideas. Thanks for including my Marmite & Mozzarella Flatbreads too!

  6. Great list!! Thanks for including my sweet potato black bean salad. Can’t wait to check out everything else – so many great ideas for our summer grilling!

  7. The list looks great… but why did you include fish? Yes, a lot of people who don’t eat other meat do eat fish, but they are not vegetarian. The flesh of a once-living creature is meat, whether or not its pareve.

    • I’m sorry if the inclusion of fish offends you, but as you say, many people who don’t eat other meat do eat fish – including myself. I never claimed that this list was vegetarian, only that it was meat-free, and I’m sorry if you found this confusing. I try my best to be clear, but I can’t get it right all the time. The recipes are broken down by category, so you can skip over the few fish recipes and concentrate on the vegetarian and vegan ones, if that’s what you prefer.
      Thanks and all the best, Helen.

  8. What a fantastic round up of mouthwatering recipes! Thanks so much for featuring my Strawberry Mango Asparagus Salad! 🙂 Off to share it.

  9. This is a great list! Glad I found your site. Can’t wait to try the Halloumi and watermelon kebabs, sounds heavenly!

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