Muscat poached fruits with no-churn honey cake ice-cream (parve)

muscat poached fruits & honey cake ice-cream

There are lots of traditions surrounding Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) but of course the ones I love most are those to do with food! For instance, it’s traditional to eat a new fruit, such as a pomegranate or a fig, for the first time this season, and say …

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Grilled sea bass with sauce vierge

sea bass sauce vierge

Do you remember where you were the first time you ate a particular thing? Obviously not everything, but things that were exciting, surprising, or just amazingly delicious? I certainly remember the first time I ate fish with sauce vierge. It was about 15 years ago, and it’s still one of my …

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Courgette & poppyseed loaf from Veggie desserts + cakes by Kate Hackworthy – book review

I probably shouldn’t admit this, but despite being a blogger myself, I’m pretty bad at keeping up with other people’s blogs. Sorry. But there are a few that I really love, and one of those is veggie desserts, which is written by Kate Hackworthy. It’s just BRILLIANT. In fact, if …

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Courgetti (zoodles) with avocado pesto dressing & baby plum tomatoes

zoodle salad with avocado pesto

Do you ever start cooking with a clear idea in mind, only to change pretty much everything before you’re done? That’s what happened with these zoodles (courgetti). The plan was a simple salad with fresh herb dressing, but I kept finding other things I wanted to include, like avocado, and …

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One Potato Two Potato recipes round-up – July

one potato two potato july roundup

A great big sunshiny thank you to everyone who joined in with One Potato Two Potato in July. Somewhat inevitably, we have a selection of fabulous summer potato recipes! Whether you’re after a lunch or supper dish, or something yummy to go on the side, we’ve got you covered with these …

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Goats cheese crostini with griddled apricots, basil & honey

Goats Cheese Crostini with apricots & honey

Summer! Not only is the sun shining, but all the wonderful soft fruits are in season and the shops are practically giving them away. I got a huge punnet of apricots for 65p. 65p! Don’t you just love a bargain? When fruit is so cheap, I don’t feel so bad cooking …

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Limonana – Israeli mint lemonade

Limonana - Israeli fresh mint lemonade

I think I can say, unequivocally, that there is no more refreshing drink than limonana – Israeli mint lemonade. It starts off with the delicious refreshingness of homemade lemonade, then kicks it up a notch by adding fresh mint, for a doubly cooling, extra thirst-quenching glassful of rejuvenation. It cools, restores …

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Fresh strawberry banana loaf cake

fresh strawberry& banana loaf cake

Banana loaf cake, aka banana bread, is our standard way to deal with too-ripe-to-eat brown bananas here at FFF towers. I have an ancient recipe scribbled in my notebook in blue crayon which is the easiest, most delicious banana cake ever – although I’ve no idea where it first came …

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