Peperonata – Italian pepper loveliness!


Kipper loves peppers. She once had a meltdown in a supermarket because she wanted to buy a huge yellow one. When we got home, I was unpacking the shopping and turned around to find that she’d taken it out of the bag and was chomping away on it as though …

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Cauliflower risotto with crispy eggs

cauliflower risotto with crispy egg

We get an organic vegetable box delivered weekly. It’s quite fun because I’m never organised enough to specify what goes in it, so we get a random selection of things and then have to invent ways of eating them. Mostly the results are deliciously edible. BUT, I thought that there …

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Quesadilla pizza hybrid


I had been planning to make pizza for dinner, to use up some mozzarella and assorted vegetables that were in the fridge. I told Kipper, thinking that we could have some fun making the dough together, stretching it out, doing the toppings… “I don’t like pizza!” Really? You always liked …

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