Whole roast romanesco with za’atar

Sometimes the simplest things are the most effective, and that’s certainly the case with this extremely simple roasted romanesco with za’atar. Four ingredients, minimal effort, mega results. I bought this beautiful fractal vegetable on the market – I’d only stopped to get some oranges but couldn’t resist its gorgeous green …

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New & Kosher – breakfast, snacks, drinks & more

New & Kosher Feb 2017

It’s been a while since I’ve updated you on what’s new on the kosher shelves – mostly because I’ve been busy doing other things, sorry! But for the last few weeks I’ve had my tasting and sampling hat back on, so I can bring you this lovely selection of delicious new …

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I ❤️ potato kugel! (Heart-shaped mini kugels.)

potato kugel hearts

Do you find that your family will eat / not eat certain things depending on what you call them? DH “hates” kugel and will not eat it. However, when I made this rosti – a potato kugel by any other name – he was quite enthusiastic. Hmmm. I really fancied …

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Fortune cookie hamantaschen! Happy Purim!

fortune cookie hamantaschen

I’ve had these fortune cookie hamantaschen in mind for years and years, and I’m so pleased I finally found time to work out how to make them! You see, I had a knitting pattern for knitted hamantaschen (yes really!) which was based on a pattern for knitted fortune cookies – …

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Fish pie pasta bake – 2 favourites in 1!

Do you ever feel disappointed that you didn’t think of something sooner? That’s how I felt about this amazing fish pie pasta bake. But my disappointment was mitigated by the fact that I could eat a big plateful of deliciousness – creamy, gooey, fishy deliciousness, with the added benefit of …

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Fruity ‘tree’ challah for Tu B’Shevat (or anytime!)

fruity tree challah

Hands up who loves a fruity bun? They are always a big hit in our house, spread with loads of butter and enjoyed for breakfast, tea, or just as a snack. No surprise really that raisin challah is my favourite kind of challah, too. So when contemplating making something special …

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Blood orange salad with avocado, radish & dill

Creamy avocado, sweetly tangy blood orange, & crisp peppery radish, topped off with tangy spring onions, fresh dill, & a drizzle of olive oil. Delicious!

Do you like to eat seasonally? There are all sorts of spurious claims made about the benefits of eating what’s in season, but the main reason for me is that stuff just tastes better! Take these blood oranges for instance – sweet, tangy and uniquely flavoured with hints of raspberry. And …

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