Pesach cakes, bakes, treats & desserts – family approved!

Coming up with creative and delicious cakes, showstopping desserts, and yummy cookies and bakes can be difficult at the best of times, but when your main ingredients are missing, it’s a real challenge! I try to avoid using matzah meal in my Pesach baking because I think it has a very particular flavour which I don’t much like, but I do get creative with almonds, coconut and potato flour (potato starch) and it’s possible to create some really fabulous goodies.

Below are a selection of our family favourite cakes, cookies & desserts for Passover. Kipper is particularly fond of the tiramisu! I think my favourite is the lemon & lavender cake – you can skip the lavender if that’s not your thing, and it’s still delicious. 

Chocolate & vanilla coconut butter cookies
Deliciously moreish crumbly-soft cookies, made with coconut only and free from other nuts. I’m never sure whether I prefer the chocolate or the vanilla ones, they’re both so good! These yummy cookies are also dairy-free & parve.

Moist and cakey, these delicious nut-free cookies contain homemade coconut butter for a rich delicious flavour. Perfect for lunchboxes, & Passover friendly!

Almond butter cupcakes with blueberries or chocolate chips
These moist and delicious mini blender muffins are studded with juicy blueberries or rich chocolate chips. They were a huge hit with Kipper and her friends! Perfect with a cup of tea. (If you have a blender or food processor, you can make your own almond butter too.)

almond butter cupcakes

Rhubarb, ginger & raspberry jelly
A fresh, zingy springtime dessert that makes the most of seasonal rhubarb. These jellies are a great way to round off a festive lunch, or make it into a party with a scoop of ice-cream!

Rhubarb, ginger & raspberry jelly

Indulgent Pesach Tiramisu
Gorgeous layers of coffee-soaked hazelnut sponge, rich cocoa, and billowing mascarpone cream make this a big winner every year. Plus, it benefits from being made in advance, so you can prep ahead and leave in the fridge for 24 hours until you need it. Dessert perfection!

gluten free tiramisu

Lemon, lavender and almond cake
OK, I know the lavender isn’t for everyone but you can leave it out and you still get a rich, moist lemony cake, drizzled with zingy lemon icing and begging to be eaten. This cake is luscious enough to serve as dessert with some fresh fruit, but can double-up as a terrific afternoon tea treat. 

lemon & lavender cake

Coconut cupcakes with raspberry apple syrup
These yummy cupcakes are topped with fresh raspberries and drenched in a fruity syrup to keep them super moist and extra delicious. Eat with a spoon for maximum enjoyment.

Drenched in fruity syrup and topped with raspberries, these coconut cupcakes are moist and delicious. A gluten-free treat that everyone will enjoy :-)

Nuttilicious no-bake almond & coconut fudgies
Crunchy, chewy, buttery, sweet fudgy morsels of deliciousness! And simplicity itself to make – simply boil, stir and dollop. Hard to eat just one ?

Nuttilicious no bake almond & coconut fudgies

Flourless chocolate hazelnut brownie cake
The gorgeous flavour of this dense and chocolatey brownie cake is reminiscent of nutella… need I say more?! Serve warm with ice-cream for an indulgent dessert or treat yourself to a slice (or two!) with a cup of coffee. You deserve it!

Flourless chocolate brownie cake.

Incredible egg-free 1-ingredient chocolate mousse
Can you guess what’s in it? CHOCOLATE! This amazing mousse contains no dairy, egg, parve whip, marshmallows, or anything else. It’s just chocolate, and a little water – and that’s it. Incredible! So rich and delicious, you’ll only need a small serving… probably! 

1-ingredient chocolate mousse

If you liked the look of these, you might also enjoy these little gooseberry baked custards, these hazelnut meringue ice-cream sandwiches, these 10-minute cheat’s Pesach cake pops, or this watermelon & berry salad with basil mint sugar.

And don’t miss my family-approved Pesach breakfasts!

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Need delicious Pesach (Passover) bakes & desserts your family will love? No problem! These recipes are tried & tested and recommended by my family to yours.


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