Seasonal gift guide! Presents for all!

My goodness! Chanukah is just around the corner (not to mention that other gift-giving festival that happens at the end of the year)! Time to get organised. What to buy for the foodie who has everything? And the rest of your family, too?!

Here are my suggestions. These are all things that I have myself, have tried out, or, in a couple of cases, have put on my Chanukah list! I would never recommend anything that I don’t love – these gift ideas are all FFF-approved 😀

Seasonal present roundup

Bigger Items
There have been a few new arrivals in my kitchen recently which would make terrific presents, and one of them is this fabulous Müeller Spiral-Pro 4-Blade Spiralizer. I love mine! It’s easy to use, cuts three thicknesses of noodles plus flat ribbons (4 blades in all), and packs away neatly for storage, with a compartment that holds all the blades safely. So far I’ve used it on carrots, courgettes, butternut squash, beetroots, sweet potatoes… it has reduced everything to spirals in moments. This would be a great gift for a healthy eater as spiralizing is a super-fun way to prepare and eat more vegetables. 
RRP £69.99 but it’s usually pretty heavily discounted (50%+) on Amazon.

Mueller spiral-pro in box Mueller 4-blade spiralizer

I’m pretty excited by our Prêt à Pousser oyster-mushroom growing kit, I can tell you! If your gift recipient loves fresh, homegrown food, then they’ll love this. Simply tear off the front of the box, mist with water daily using the spray bottle provided, then wait expectantly until your oyster mushrooms appear! You should get a crop within about 10 days. Fun, and delicious 🙂
The kit costs £14.90 and delivery is free. 

  Pret a Pousser mushroom kit  Pret a Pousser oyster mushroom growing kit prêt a pousser mushrooms

DH is the whisky drinker in our house. If you need a gift for a Scotch whisky enthusiast, but don’t want to buy a bottle, take a look at I want to know whisky. It’s an interactive online course that teaches all about distilling (including a virtual distillery tour), the history of whisky, different styles and regions, and even food pairing and making cocktails. It’s been named ‘Whisky Gift of the Year 2015’ by The Whisky Shop and Whiskeria magazine, and is yours for just £24.95 (+ £4.95 P&P).

I want to know whisky

Waffles are definitely having a foodie moment right now, so a waffle maker would be a great gift. I wrote about how to choose one here, and we currently have something extremely close to this one. However, I’m hoping to upgrade to something altogether fancier, and have my eye on this Waring waffle maker, or this one from KitchenAid (hint, hint).
The Cooks Professional Premium Electric Rotary Waffle Maker is available from Amazon, and has an RRP of £59.99 although it is usually discounted by at least 50%.

The Vilna Vegetarian Cookbook is a new translation of a vegetarian recipe book written in Yiddish in 1930s Vilna (Ukraine). The author, Fania Lewando, ran a kosher vegetarian restaurant, offered cooking classes, and lectured on the health benefits of a vegetarian diet. The book is fascinating, with a vast wealth of recipes for familiar Jewish dishes such as kugels, cholents, latkes and blintzes, to soups, ‘cutlets’, desserts, ‘vitamin drinks and juices’ and more. Illustrations are taken from beautifully painted Yiddish-labelled seed packets, and the back of the book reproduces comments from visitors to the restaurant, including Marc Chagall and diners from as far afield as Moscow, Los Angeles and Buenos Aires!
The book is available from Amazon for £19.77.

The Vilna Vegetarian by Fania Lewando  Creole Kitchen by Vanessa Bolosier

The other recent cookbook which stands out for me is Creole Kitchen by Vanessa Bolosier. It’s beautifully illustrated, with mouthwatering recipes, interesting foodie facts and lovely family stories. I was transported back to our stays in the Caribbean, and have subsequently been inspired to experiment with exotic alcohols and ingredients! You can read my full review of the book here.
It’s available from Amazon for £19.99.

Books which I always recommend for foodies, especially if you don’t want to buy another recipe book, are The Flavour Thesaurus by Niki Segnit (Amazon, £12.91), and On Food and Cooking by Harold McGee (Amazon £47.17). The latter of these is encyclopaedic in its scope, with information about almost everything edible. A fascinating book to get lost in.

Little extras
I know this is only a ‘little something’ but these Oxo Good Grips Mini Measuring Beakers are so cute, and also very handy for measuring out small volumes of liquid, especially if your hands aren’t that steady with a spoon (mentioning no names, Kipper). DH gave me these as a small gift recently and I really like them. A good stocking filler, if that’s what you’re after. £8.30 from Amazon.

Oxo soft works measuring beaker set Oxo soft works measuring beaker set

I wrote about Providence Deli’s lovely range a while ago. Their jars of harissa, dairy-free pesto, black olive spread, sun-dried tomatoes and onion relish are available in the kosher sections of Waitrose, and are on offer at 2 for £4 from 9-29 December. Lovely!

providence deli jars   hibiscus extract hibiscus extract

I recently had one of these Wild Hibiscus flowers in syrup in a glass of Prosecco, and jolly nice it was too! They can also be used in baking and cake decorating, and the same company also makes flower essences for adding colour and flavour to drinks, desserts etc. A dropperful of this Hibiscus Flower extract (photo above) added a vibrant colour and a lovely berry-ish flavour to my drink. The products are kosher certified by the Kashrut Authority of Australia, and are available on Amazon – the flowers in syrup are £11.99 and the flower extract is £9.99.

Finally, are you wondering what to get the notoriously-hard-to-buy-for cheese aficionado? Wonder no more! We got one of these boxes on a recent trip to France.

camembert box

It has two internal ‘walls’ – one in the box and one on the lid – which can be arranged against the cut edges of your camembert to preserve it in perfect condition for the next time you fancy a piece. Unfortunately it seems that it’s only available on but don’t worry – they’ll ship it internationally for you!

If you have gift suggestions that you just have to share, please let me know about them in the comments section below.

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Disclaimer and a note about affiliate links
Some of the products above were sent to me for to try out, however I was not expected to write a positive review and all opinions are my own. I only ever recommend products that I find useful, interesting, tasty, or just really love, because I want you to trust my judgement, and that won’t happen if I endorse a complete lemon! 
When you click on an Amazon link (or other affiliate link) from Family-Friends-Food and then purchase something, I get a few pence in return. It costs you nothing, but it is a small amount of revenue for me that means I can spend time writing this blog and sharing my recipes with you for free. If you’re going to shop on Amazon anyway, perhaps you’ll consider clicking through from here, and giving me a little seasonal bonus 🙂
Thank you! And seasons greetings!



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  2. Pascal Chevriaux

    Hello, as regards Fania Lewando book. Vilniu is not in Ukraine, it is in Lithuania now.

  3. Oh, I love these ideas! I’ve been wanting a spiralizer so badly too! And the beaker set is so adorable, never seen measuring cups so unique before

  4. Waffle maker and cheese storage for me please!

  5. I adore my waffle maker – we use it all the time!

  6. Lucy @ BakingQueen74

    Mmm, waffles! I really want a waffle maker for Christmas, will have to leave your page casually open on our home computer for my OH to see 😉

  7. I would love a waffle maker. I am waffle obsessed!

    • I’m getting a bit that way myself! Have discovered all the other things you can make in it – toasted cheese waffle-sandwiches are becoming a lunchtime fixture 🙂

  8. Some fantastic suggestions here! How are you mushrooms?! Have they grown yet?

  9. Another Christmas, another opportunity to get a waffle maker! Some great gift ideas here, particularly the veggie cookbook!

  10. Loads of great ideas here. Love my spiraliser and I have wanted a waffle maker for ages (and early present to myself maybe!!)

  11. gosh i want a waffle maker so much – top of my christmas list!

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