Salmon with olives & runner beans in foil parcels

A delicious salmon dinner! Fillets are baked in individual parcels with black olives & beans for a flavour-packed, healthy meal. Quick, tasty & nutritious!

If you’d suggested to my younger self that I’d grow up to be someone who would wax lyrical about a bean slicer, I’d never have believed you. And yet here I am, totally in thrall to this genius bit of kitchen kit. I’m not typically a fan of single-action gadgets – …

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Succotash – sort of…

Our raised bed has finally started producing vegetables in earnest – beans, courgettes (zucchini), sweetcorn and assorted tomatoes. Yum. Time to get creative in the kitchen. Succotash is a traditional American dish of sweetcorn (maize) and lima beans, cooked in butter or other fat. Popular during the Great Depression, the vegetables …

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Pasta & cannelini bean soup with mini aubergine ‘pizzas’

pasta & cannelini bean soup with mini aubergine 'pizzas'

I’ve made these aubergine ‘pizzas’ before as a side dish and they were jolly delicious. Kipper adores aubergines (eggplants) so it wasn’t really a surprise that she went in for these in a big way. And so, I was trying to think of a way to make them more central …

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Garlic & parmesan roasted vegetables – beans, carrots, romanesco

garlic & parmesan roasted vegetables - carrots, beans and cauliflower

Roasted vegetables? Yes please. I must admit to being a little obsessed with this method of cooking all manner of veggies. (As evidenced by this recipe, this one, this one here, and countless others.) The thing is, it makes them taste AMAZING. Just a glug of oil and a hot …

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Carrot & butter-bean tagine

Carrot & butter-bean tagine

Rain, rain, rain, rain, rain. Autumn’s here all right. Soggy leaves, grey sky, the house under siege by MASSIVE spiders, and all the ‘seasonal’ germs rearing their ugly heads again. Ugh. Having spent the entire day trapped indoors with a very snotty Kipper (At what age do they learn to blow …

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Green beans with garlic dressing

green beans with garlic

We have a small vegetable plot in our garden, and every year we grow a few different things in it. One vegetable that seems to come back every year though, is green beans. They are easy to grow, prolific, and extremely tasty. Kipper even likes to eat them raw, picked …

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Fine & broad beans with anchovies, onions, tomato & quinoa

fine & broad beans with anchovies, onions, tomato & quinoa

This was originally supposed to just have one sort of beans in it – broad beans – but 500g of broad bean pods yielded just 125g of beans, and once they’d been double podded there was hardly anything left! Is there any other food that has such a high ratio …

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Buckwheat crepes with creamy asparagus, beans & mushrooms

buckwheat crepes with creamy asparagus beans & mushrooms

We recently had a lovely few days in Amsterdam – currently one of two destinations that can be reached from Cambridge International Airport! I must confess that apart from the cheese, we didn’t really experience much in the way of Dutch cuisine, but we did manage to develop a taste for Dutch …

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Tomato, green bean and lemon sole tray bake

Tomato, green bean and lemon sole tray bake.

We had a lovely afternoon with some of Kipper’s friends in the Fitzwilliam museum and the extremely soggy Lammas Land playground (in the rain). Seriously, it was so soggy we saw a puddle that had DUCKS swimming in it. Didn’t seem to deter the kiddos, mind. Kipper didn’t even complain too much when …

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