Garden tomato salad with olives, Greek basil & sumac

tomato salad with olives, greek basil and sumac

The heirloom tomato plants in our garden have finally started to produce delicious ripe tomatoes, and we are now at the stage of eating them at every meal, and giving them away to anyone who’ll take them 🙂 The tomatoes really are delicious with very little in the way of …

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Spice-roasted butternut squash and halloumi fajitas (or salad)

butternut squash & halloumi fajitas

As much as I love pasta, I’ve started to feel like we eat it every other day. Sure, it’s easy, versatile, quick, and can be topped with a virtually limitless selection of things, but still… Time to make a conscious effort to eat more different kinds of carbohydrates. Here’s our …

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Smokey barbecue potatoes in foil

barbecued potatoes in foil

We are having a barbecue summer here. Since there can be no confidence that the lovely sunny weather will continue beyond a day or two, we’ve been barbecuing like mad while the going’s good. As well as the usual suspects to hit the grill, we recently enjoyed barbecued pineapple. I encourage …

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Mango salsa – guest post!

mango salsa

My friend Siôn is a keen cook, and keeps announcing his delicious-sounding dishes via Facebook. It seemed only fair to give him a chance at international culinary stardom (!) by inviting him to write a guest post here.  If you fancy seeing your own recipe appearing on Family-Friends-Food, please drop me …

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