Halloumi and watermelon kebabs

Stack of watermelon & halloumi kebabs.

I think this is going to be my summer of grilled fruit. I’m sure by now you’ve already tried out the barbecued pineapple with coconut rum, and realised how the intense heat of the barbecue caramelises the natural sugars present in the fruit, to create a hot, sweet, smoky and …

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Watermelon & berry salad with basil mint sugar

Watermelon berry salad with basil-mint sugar

I made a big box of this watermelon and berry salad as the dessert for our bank holiday picnic, but in the event, we all had ice-creams from the ice-cream van instead 🙂 Fortunately, it was packed in a cool box, so was still in a fit state to eat after dinner …

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