8 fabulous fish recipes for Pesach!

I don’t know about you, but we seem to eat more than the usual amount of fish over Pesach. There are lots of fish recipes here on Family-Friends-Food, and I’ve rounded up the most Pesach-friendly ones for you below – using hake, haddock, salmon, and smoked salmon. Some of them require particular herbs and spices, but if those aren’t available you can substitute – within reason! (Although the range of KforP spices seems to grow every year.)

Not a gefilte fish in sight!

1. Let’s start with an easy one-dish dinner – this fish and spring vegetable tray bake is simple to assemble and is an all-in-one main course. Just add potatoes!

hake and spring vegetable tray bake on plate

Hake and spring vegetable tray bake.

2. Quick and simple, but packed with flavour, parsley crusted salmon is delicious either hot or cold. Ideal for a yomtov lunch with a selection of salads.

parsley crusted salmon

Salmon with a creamy parsley crust.

3. You can spice up these Moroccan spiced salmon skewers as much or as little as you like. The recipe also includes directions for the accompanying vegetable kebabs – 2 recipes for the price of 1! 

Moroccan spiced salmon skewers & vegetable kebabs.

Moroccan spiced salmon skewers & vegetable kebabs.

4. The oniony mayonnaise topping keeps this fish moist and tender. A few buttered new potatoes are all that’s needed to turn hake grilled with spring onion mayonnaise into a superb mid-week supper.

grilled hake with spring onion mayonnaise

Grilled hake with spring onion mayonnaise.

5. OK, it’s also on the list of Top 10 Pesach potato dishes, but smoked salmon dauphinoise is so fantastically indulgent I’m prepared to include it here too. Creamy, smoky, and very decadent! A leafy salad is the only accompaniment it needs.

Smoked salmon dauphinoise

Smoked salmon dauphinoise.

6. A Cajun spice blend gives this spicy pan-fried salmon a crispy, crusty, coating. Easy and quick to prepare, serve it with a zesty chopped salad or a fruity salsa.

Spicy pan-fried salmon with rice and chopped salad

Spicy pan-fried salmon with zesty chopped salad.

7. If you’re sick of fried fish and chrayne, why not deconstruct it and have salmon with roasted beetroot and horseradish cream instead?! Use finely grated fresh horseradish in place of the jarred hot horseradish – you’re bound to have some leftover from the seder!

Salmon with roasted chioggia beetroots and horseradish cream

Salmon with roasted chioggia beetroots and horseradish cream.

8. Finally, haddock baked with olives and tomatoes is another one-pot wonder. Rolling the fillets enhances the presentation, and the olives and tomatoes add bags of flavour. 

haddock baked with olives and tomatoes

Haddock baked with olives and tomatoes.

 Let me know if you try a different one each night! Please share your own favourite Pesach fish dishes in the comments 🙂


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