Helzel potatoes – a childhood favourite

helzel potatoes

Soft, fluffy, savoury potatoes baked under a layer of delicious helzel. This comforting winter recipe is a great accompaniment to almost anything! Apparently, I was mistaken about Spring’s arrival. It’s gone back to being FREEZING, and the wind seems to have come here from somewhere in the arctic. I actually…

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Garlic & parmesan roasted vegetables – beans, carrots, romanesco

garlic & parmesan roasted vegetables - carrots, beans and cauliflower

Super easy, and they taste incredible! These crispy garlic & parmesan roasted vegetables will quickly become a dinnertime favourite.  Roasted vegetables? Yes please. I must admit to being a little obsessed with this roasted vegetables. (See these maple roasted carrots and parsnips, these roasted squash fajitas, and these honey roasted root vegetables…

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Parsnip & carrot kugel – egg- and dairy-free

carrot & parsnip kugel

Kugel is a very traditional Ashkenazi Jewish food, with the two classic variants being potato, and lokshen (noodle). In essence, kugel is a starchy baked pudding, usually bound together with eggs. Potato kugel is typically savoury but lokshen kugel is more usually sweet, often with dried fruit and sometimes held together with a…

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