Delicake no-bake cakeware review

I must admit I was a bit skeptical when I received the details of Delicake’s range of ‘no-bake cakeware’. But, intrigued, I agreed to give it a go. In the back of my mind was the idea that it might be quite useful for Shavuot, when cheesecakes – including of course the no-bake variety – and all kinds of chilled dairy desserts are the order of the day.

Delicake box

I received the (hilariously named) “Versatile Rectangle Master” – a clear acrylic rectangular cake mould 20 x 30 cm in size. Delicake also make the “Traditional Round Master” – also clear acrylic, but round, and 23 cm in diameter. Both products consist of three parts which fit together to make the mould. The base and lid are interchangeable, and the sides slot onto either. It’s very easy to assemble and disassemble, but does come with brief but helpful instructions.

To use, you simply fit the sides onto the base, fill with the no-bake yumminess of your choice, and then put on the lid and pop in the fridge to set. The clever part comes when you’re ready to serve – simply remove the lid, slide off the sides, and your creation is ready to serve. The base of the mould doubles as a reasonably attractive clear serving plate. Ta da!

Delicake - how to assemble

I must admit I was quite impressed with the product, despite my initial skepticism. It’s very easy to use, has no fiddly nooks and crannies that are hard to clean, and the lid means that you can stack it in the fridge easily – much better than using cling film on a regular cake tin and then having something fall on it while it’s chilling! Also not having to transfer the finished product to a serving plate – always the most nerve-wracking part of the process – is a massive bonus.

So far I’ve made a no-bake cheesecake and have plans for an ice-cream cake, jellies, and all manner of summery desserts. The bottom of my cheesecake got a bit stuck in places, so I’ll try greasing the base next time. My only other concern is how well the acrylic will stand up to repeated use. Hopefully even if the lid and sides become scratched, the base will still be sufficiently clear and unscuffed to be presentable. Probably best to use plastic serving utensils as well to avoid scratching. 

no-bake cheesecake

Delicake ships the product from Australia, and delivery to the UK takes 7-14 days. UPDATE! Delicake now has a UK warehouse and delivery in the UK takes only 1-2 days – hooray! Click here for details.

If you want to use it for Shavuot, order ASAP!! Their online shop is here. The round cake mould is £24.99 and the rectangular one is £30.99. (Prices don’t include shipping.)

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NB: I was provided with a Delicake Versatile Rectangle Master to try. I was not obliged to write a positive review and all opinions are my own.


  1. Hi
    When I click on the link for uk it says error and I can’t access the website 😢. Can you help please?

    • Hi Heather. I’m not sure what’s happened – when I click through it took me to the Delicake website although the page with UK shipping etc seems to have vanished. If you click ‘buy now’ at the top right then it should take you to the shop page. Hope this helps!

  2. Oh I saw these and thought that’s just what I need. I love no-bake cheesecake, but rarely make it as they always look a bit of a mess.

    • Yes, this product does away with a lot of the mess because you make and serve it all in the same thing. The sides come off pretty cleanly so the end product is nice and tidy and ready to eat 🙂

  3. I definitely don’t have enough cheesecake in my life. This product looks fab!

  4. These look so handy! I make quite a lot of no-bake desserts, so these would be highly useful.

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