Easy cheesy peasy pesto (and pasta)

We were in the car. It was late afternoon, getting dark, and we were almost an hour from home. ANYTHING to keep Kipper awake. I asked her what she would like for dinner.

“Pasta with pesto…and peas…and cheese.”

Me: So, cheesy, peasy pesto then?

At this point, DH chipped in. “That sounds easy to make.”

Me: Oh yes, it’s easy, cheesy, peasy pesto.

It was, inevitably, downhill from there. “Better make sure it’s hot…”

Of course! We don’t want freezy, easy, cheesy, peasy pesto.

“And don’t add too much olive oil…”

Oh no! Not greasy, easy, freezy, cheesy, peasy pesto.

Kipper was cracking up in the back seat. I have to admit her level of appreciation was way in excess of the actual level of humour.

At least there were no disgraced MPs involved. Nobody likes sleazy easy freezy, peasy, cheesy, pesto. And it didn’t get burned either – the smoke would have made wheezy, cheesy, freezy, easy, peasy pesto.

Look, it kept her awake till we got home, OK?

This makes enough for 4 servings. It’s yummy on pasta, and Kipper had some on a hunk of bread, too.

cheesy peasy pesto pasta

It’s easy. It’s cheesy. It’s peasy. It’s easy cheesy peasy pesto and pasta!

Easy cheesy peasy pesto

You will need:
150g frozen peas or petit pois
2 generous tbsp basil pesto
20g parmesan or similar hard cheese, grated + extra for sprinkling

What to do:
Put your pasta on to boil. We had penne, they took 11 minutes.
Meanwhile, cook the peas as per the packet. I microwaved ours for 4 minutes, stirring halfway.
Drain the peas, reserve 3-4 tbsp and using a stick blender, whizz the rest with the pesto and cheese to give a smooth(ish) paste. If  too thick, thin with a tablespoon or two of the pasta water.
When the pasta is cooked, drain it, and serve with a dollop of the pesto, some of the reserved peas, and a sprinkling of grated cheese.

cheesy peasy pesto on bread

Kipper also had some on bread – a cheesy peasy pesto crostini. Or something.

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