Kipper’s EPIC dinosaur birthday party!

It was Kipper’s birthday right in the middle of the Jewish High Holidays this year! So we postponed the celebrations a couple of weeks then invited 14 of her friends for a dinosaur party. I may have got a little carried away with the theme, but it was so much FUN! Although a houseful of 4-5 year olds? Well, we managed it…

dinosaur party invitation

Keeping kids’ parties sane is mostly about crowd control, and keeping little people busy with things they need to concentrate on. As Kipper’s friends arrived they were invited to make dinosaur bead bracelets – a fun, fine-motor activity. 

making dinosaur bracelets dinosaur beads

We were really lucky with the weather, so after beading they were encouraged into the garden where DH had set up a bubble machine. Without any prompting, the kids were stomping around roaring and trying to catch/pop the bubbles!

Can’t have a party without party games! Pass the parcel (of course) and some slightly more themed ones – ‘dinosaur islands’ (aka musical bumps), ‘musical fossils’ (aka musical statues), and a dinosaur-egg-and-spoon race. There’s always the danger of high emotion when winners and losers are involved, but mostly the kids were just happy to play, and we made sure that everyone got at least one prize as the games went along.

After the games there was time to dance to the music – I’d downloaded walk the dinosaur and They Might Be Giants’ Here Comes Science album which includes the classic I am a paleontologist. Hurrah!

kids dancing

The final game before tea was a treasure hunt, for which my friend Helen must take the credit. She’s done this at her daughter’s last few parties and it always seems to be a big hit with the kids. I wrapped up a little dinosaur for each child and numbered the parcels, then made a numbered set of cards. The parcels were hidden around the garden, and each child took a numbered card and had to search out the matching numbered parcel. Lots of running, shouting, searching etc. and everyone was very pleased with their prizes 🙂

Time for birthday tea! The table was set and everyone got a party hat, improved with dinosaur spikes!

dinosaur hat dinosaur spikes party hat 

Even though Kipper can be quite adventurous with food, I know that not all her friends are the same, so I tried to keep it pretty simple. I used the dinosaur and bone cutters from my huge cookie cutter set to make shaped sandwiches – the Stegosauruses were cream cheese & pesto, the bones were tuna mayo, and the T. Rexes were humous.

dinosaur sandwiches

There were vegetable crisps, and plates of cucumber and pepper sticks. I also put out some olives as they’re Kipper’s favourite. The hot food was crispy baked mozzarella sticks, which I bought ready made and simply popped in the oven. Served with a squirt of ketchup – delicious! (They went down a treat with the grown-ups too, good job I made lots!)

Dessert was a fabulous array of fruit prepared by DH – strawberries, blueberries, grapes, melon and pineapple. Plus of course Kipper’s fossil excavation BIRTHDAY CAKE! All topped off with squirty cream from the siphon.

fossil cake fossil cake with candles

After tea there was more dancing, then it was time to go home. Each child got a party bag containing dinosaur stickers, another little dinosaur, some chocolate coins, and a couple of beautifully-wrapped cinnamon & vanilla prehistoric cookies. Plus of course their bracelets, treasure hunt prize, and anything they’d won during the games.

prehistoric cookies in cellophane bag

Kipper loved her party, and everyone else seemed to have a good time too. My total budget for party supplies, decorations, favours etc. came to about £40, so less than £3 per child, although this doesn’t include food, or the bubble machine (which will be used again, and again…)

I wonder what next year’s theme will be…



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  2. Cool party!!! I think all boys at this age are obsessed with dinosaurs…love the theme and the sandwiches look amazing!!!

  3. Very cool dinosaur party! Love your ideas!

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  5. cookingontheweekends

    So adorable! Both my boys would have loved this party!

  6. Oh my Goodness, this so cute! I wish my kids were still little. I will have to wait for grand-kids so I can do this!

  7. What a lovely post…really enjoyed reading it 🙂

  8. What a fun party!! My son was crazy about Dinosaurs from age 3-8 and he also had many dinosaur themed parties. I could have used some of these ideas back then… I love that cake. 🙂

    • Thanks. The cake was great because it looked fab and was so easy to do! (Cake decorating is really not my greatest skill.) I’ll be posting the recipe and instructions soon ?

  9. I’m a full grown adult but I want to join that party. 🙂

  10. Lovely party! I have a grandson that would love this theme.

  11. What a great party your son had and love the dinosaur theme! A bubble machine sounds like great fun:-)

  12. You are far more organised than I am – Sam’s party is on Sunday and I have prepared NADA, no theme… on the plus side my son hates being the centre of attention so I can pass it off as a playdate with cake!

  13. You sound like you had it totally in control – I always find my kids’ parties the most tiring events ever! Love the idea of the prehistoric cookies x

    • Thanks Helen! We were all pretty exhausted by the end, although Kipper was so excited and adrenalised it took her hours to wind down and get to sleep!

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