This unique kosher apron has seen my kitchen help skyrocket!

Sorry to mention it but Chanukah is now only a few weeks away… eek! For most things I’m not that great at forward planning, but I love watching Kipper unwrap her presents so much that I start stockpiling gifts in about July. 


Kosher presents

Kipper really enjoys cooking with me, and for ages I had this idea to make her a ‘100% kosher apron’ with hand-wiping sections for meat, milk and parve. I thought it would be funny, and cute, as well as practical.

But every kids’ apron we found seemed to be flimsy, thin or poorly constructed, and I wasn’t going to bother getting my design printed on something that wasn’t up to the job.

Maybe it’s because children’s aprons are only worn for a few years, that manufacturers don’t bother making them durable. Or maybe the children’s apron market just isn’t big enough for people to care. I began to think that I’d have to get out the sewing machine and run one up myself, then paint the ‘100% kosher’ design onto it with fabric markers.

Everything comes to she who waits

But then, I got to try out some sample products from, who will print your photos and/or designs onto a huge selection of household items, clothing, kitchenware and more. And of course one of the products I decided to test out was a children’s apron.

Based on previous experience I wasn’t that optimistic, but I couldn’t help be a little bit hopeful. Would this children’s apron be the one?!

The big reveal…

My pulse was racing as I opened the package. Would it live up to my expectations? Or would my dream of becoming a children’s apron-designer be dashed? I could hardly bear to look.

The suspense got too much. I ripped off the packaging and unfolded the apron, and my mouth fell open. I gasped. It was perfect

The material was thick, super-soft, comfortable and water-resistant. The heavy duty woven straps were strongly attached. The stitching was robust and beautifully finished. This was it!

100% kosher aprons - Funny, cute, Jewish-inspired children's apron is '100% kosher'! Encourage your little chef into the kitchen with one of these adorable designs.

Kitchen help has increased over 100%

Kipper went wild for her ‘100% kosher apron’ – she didn’t want to take it off! As a result, she’s now eagerly helping me in the kitchen, getting involved in meal preparation, table setting, and even washing up.

“You should make these for other people too, Mummy,” she said. 

And so, in plenty of time for Chanukah, here they are!

Introducing family friends food boutique

Inspired by my brilliant little girl, and in collaboration with bagsoflove, I have opened an online shop to make these aprons available to everyone. 

The 100% kosher apron is joined by another for ‘Bubbe’s kitchen helper‘. They are £22 each, and are high quality, UK-made, and machine washable. The aprons come with a three year guarantee. 

Funny, cute, Jewish-inspired children's apron is '100% kosher'! Encourage your little chef into the kitchen with one of these adorable designs.

I’m really looking forward to developing the range, with Kipper’s help. Cooking should be fun and these aprons certainly helped to lighten the mood in our kitchen!

For more information or to see the full range, visit family friends food boutique.








  1. i love it! and my mum would surely like one for the grandchildren! but she spells it “booba” – is there any chance of a version with a different spelling?

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