New and Kosher – the best new kosher products in the UK

Back in November I attended Kosherfest in New York, the world’s largest kosher food trade show, where hundreds of producers from around the world were touting their new and improved kosher products. While the show was heavily skewed towards the American market, there were still a great many items that are available here (or will hopefully become available soon). With this in mind, I hope to feature a regular round-up of the best new kosher products to hit the UK shelves. These will include products that are recently certified, as well as those which are just being launched here. If you are a kosher food producer that would like to see your goods featured here, please get in touch and let me know!

So, without further ado, here’s the first batch.

Stapletons yogurts
Produced in small batches on a family farm in Devon, these deliciously creamy yogurts are made from local Jersey milk, top quality fruits, and unrefined cane sugar. The fruit yogurts contain 25% fruit, in big juicy chunks, stirred in by hand – DH said they were “too fruity” in fact. There’s just no pleasing some people. Kipper meanwhile gave them “30 out of 10!” and declared that they were much more delicious than the yogurts we usually buy. She was particularly partial to the nectarine and passion fruit one. Yum.

Stapletons yogurts - kosher KLBD

Stapleton yogurts are available in a range of fruit flavours, as well as Greek style and natural varieties. The ‘Anytime’ range also contains dried fruits, seeds, grains and cereals, so makes a hearty snack or a great breakfast. All Stapletons yogurts have been given kosher accreditation by KLBD (London Beth Din). Look out for them in Waitrose stores nationwide, Morrisons in England, and Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Asda in the South West. 

Pip & Nut nut butters
Regular readers will know my peanut butter aversion, but I’m happy to report that it does not extend to Pip & Nut’s delicious almond and coconut butter, which is creamy, sweet-salty, and utterly delicious spread on toast, biscuits, and scones – I thought it best to be thorough with the taste-testing… DH was delighted to try out the peanut butter for me as it is sugar-free (he’s diabetic) and I normally won’t allow peanut butter in the house! He thought the soft, spoonable texture made it easy to spread, but confessed his preference for chunky peanut butter – the Pip & Nut one is smooth. Each to their own.

Pip & Nut nut butters

Pip and Nut peanut, almond, and almond & coconut butters bear the KF hechsher, and are available from Sainsbury’s, Marks & Spencer, Ocado, Whole Foods Market, and a range of other retailers.

Propercorn (selected flavours)Propercorn popcorn - lightly salted & sweet and salty flavours
Gourmet popcorn is really a thing, isn’t it?! Propercorn make a range of flavours, and the lightly salted and sweet & salty varieties have just become Kosher under the London Beth Din. I’m usually a salty popcorn fan, but have to admit that the sweet and salty one was delicious, as each piece managed to be both salty, and sweet, at the same time! Kipper was extremely taken with it too, and I can see this becoming a great lunchbox addition – a perfect mid-morning snack or afternoon treat.

The popcorn is all made in the UK with GM-free corn. It is gluten-free and less than 130 calories per bag! Propercorn is available from major supermarkets and independent retailers.

Bear Claws
The Bear Nibbles company make a range of fruit-based snacks, including the popular ‘yo-yos’, beloved of under-5s everywhere. They have recently added these Bear Claws to their range, which include a proportion of vegetables alongside the fruit, making them lower in sugar and an even healthier snack option for kids. There are four flavours available – strawberry & butternut, mango & carrot, blackcurrant & beetroot, and apple, pear & pumpkin. All of the new Bear Claws are kosher with a KLBD hechsher.

Kipper wasn’t 100% convinced by them at first but two of her friends thought they were so fantastic that we had to open another packet to avert an argument! Available in major supermarkets.

Bear Claws fruit and vegetable snacks

Thunder toffee vodka


Thunder toffee + vodka
This toffee flavoured spirit has recently been certified as kosher & parve by the SKA (Sephardi Kashrut Authority). It can apparently be made into all manner of cocktails, from classics like a Caipirinha or espresso martini, to more novel recipes such as the “walnut whip” (crushed walnuts, thunder vodka, syrup, frangelico & egg white) or the “thunder apple pie” (vodka, thunder vodka, cinnamon schnapps, apple juice, syrup). Unfortunately, I have yet to taste any 🙁

Thunder toffee + vodka is available nationwide from independent retailers. 


That’s it for this month! I look forward to bringing you news of many more exciting and new kosher products hitting our shelves soon. Don’t forget to subscribe or follow me on Facebook to get regular recipe updates as well as kosher food news.

And if you have a kosher product that you’d like featured on family-friends-food, please get in touch 🙂



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  3. I need to get my hands on some of that coconut nut butter! It’s nice that so many products are certified kosher 🙂

    • Yes, there are new products being certified all the time 🙂
      I think producers are finally realising that kosher certification is not that difficult and opens up a whole new market for them.

  4. Those yogurt flavours sounds yum and I love propercorn too. Great to see lots of yummy treats are kosher options too xx

  5. I would love to try the Pip and Nutt butters, the flavours sound so good!

  6. Janice @FarmersgirlCook

    I particularly like the sound of the Pip and Nut butter, what lovely flavours. I’ve tried Proper Corn and it is very good too. What a lovely selection thanks for sharing.

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