New in my kitchen – spices, deli goodies, rice & grains

Welcome to new in my kitchen episode 3! This time I have two sorts of goodies that I got at Gefiltefest, plus some new products from Uncle Bens. 

The first item is these lovely spice mixes that I got from Spice Way at Gefiltefest. They smell amazing, especially the heavenly herbs blend, which contains lemon thyme, coriander seeds, sumac, garlic, cumin and hyssop among other things. I sprinkled a thick layer over some salmon fillets brushed with olive oil, then baked them. Absolutely delicious! You can buy these online at or from their shop in Radlett, Herts.

Spiceway herbs & spices

Next up, also from Gefiltefest, is this fabulous range of goodies from Providence Deli. The range consists of dairy-free pesto, black olive paste, sun-dried tomatoes, fiery harissa and onion relish. Yum! The products are available from the kosher section of Waitrose stores, plus independent outlets. I’ve been enjoying them in all sorts of dishes – keep an eye on Family Friends Food for recipe ideas and a fabulous giveaway of Providence Deli products coming soon 😀

providence deli jars

Finally, I was sent these new Uncle Ben’s rice & grains pouches. They combine wholegrain rice with grains such as quinoa, pearl wheat and wild rice. I find these pouches to be a great standby for quick family meals, especially in the summer when cooking time is often at a premium. They’re also brilliant for camping or self-catering holidays as they can be heated up in a jiffy, either in the microwave or in a pan.

There are five varieties to chose from: Wholegrain & Quinoa; Pearl Wheat, Quinoa and Wholegrain; Wholegrain & Quinoa Tomato and Basil; 5 Whole Grains; and Rice Medley. Each pouch is 220g and they retail for £1.99 each.

Uncle Bens rice & grains

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  1. I couldn’t find the Uncle Ben’s range listed on the website.

    • I’ve checked and I think you’re right. My apologies. There are other Uncle Bens products which are kosher, but while these products are vegetarian they are not kosher certified at present.

  2. Fab review. Thank you from Karen & Louise at Spice Way xx

  3. Really love the idea of the olive paste! Some lovely goodies there. I have tried the Uncle Bens too and think they’re so handy and healthy xx

  4. I do like having those pouches of rice and grains in the cupboard for a quick and easy addition to a meal. Mmmm, and I like the idea of the deli range too – another handy thing to have in your cupboards.

    • Yes, they do make life easier when you’re in a hurry! Great timing just before the school hols – lots of last-minute cooking on the horizon I suspect 🙂

  5. All of the products look great, the herbs, relishes and I’m also tempted now to try the Uncle Bens pouches… never used them before.

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