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It’s been a while since I’ve updated you on what’s new on the kosher shelves – mostly because I’ve been busy doing other things, sorry! But for the last few weeks I’ve had my tasting and sampling hat back on, so I can bring you this lovely selection of delicious new kosher treats. Read on for something to eat or drink at almost every opportunity the day provides.

A selection of the delicious new products to hit the UK's kosher shelves - including drinks, snacks, sauces and baking ingredients. Yum!

Rude Health Porridge Pots
Rude Health has added to its list of kosher products with the introduction of two varieties of instant porridge pot – hazelnut butter with cacao, and almond butter with sea salt. Simply pour on boiling water, stir, and enjoy a pot of hot dairy-free porridge. Lovely!

Rude Health porridge pots

I tried the hazelnut butter with cacao flavour, and it was pleasantly nutty and quite sweet. It had a good texture with chunky oats and crunchy cacao nibs dispersed throughout. For a dairy-free porridge it was also nicely creamy. While I’m not sure I’d eat these daily, I can see that they will be terrifically handy for people who eat breakfast at their desk, or who need to take an easy breakfast with them while travelling. They’re much tastier and more filling than a cereal bar!

Rude Health porridge pots are kosher KLBD and are available from Sainsburys, Wholefoods, Planet Organic and Ocado, and typically cost around £1.50.

Hangry Bars
Designed to keep blood glucose levels stable and avoid hunger-related grumps and mood swings, Hangry bars are a combination of dried fruits, oats, nuts and seeds, and come in three flavours – Berry the Rage, Cranky Cocoa, and Original Nutter. 

Hangry Bars

I enjoyed my ‘Berry the Rage’ bar. It was quite sweet, soft and chewy,  but with bite from the oats and a slightly crunchy texture from the almonds. I think these bars would make a convenient snack for mid-morning or afternoon, although Kipper tried one as a post-school treat but decided it was “a bit too nutty” for her. More for me then. They are vegan and free from wheat, refined sugars, and preservatives, and are kosher KLBD.

Hangry bars are £1.59 each and are available from Holland and Barrett, Revital, and other independent health food stores and cafes. You can also buy online from 

Providence Deli Dairy-Free Pepper Sauce
Adding to their popular range of sauces and condiments, Providence Deli has introduced a dairy-free black pepper sauce. We thought that it was remarkably creamy for a dairy-free sauce, and Kipper and DH took advantage of its being parve to try it out with steak.

Providence Deli black pepper sauce

Kipper found the pepper flavour a little intense, but DH thoroughly enjoyed it, and it was certainly a quick and easy way to dress up a piece of meat for a fancy midweek meal. I think it would work equally as well with a dense fish like fresh tuna, or even over steamed vegetables and pasta for a quick and flavourful veggie dinner. 

Providence Deli black pepper sauce will be available from the kosher sections of selected Sainsbury’s and Tesco stores from early March.

Steenbergs bakery flavours range
Among foodies, Steenbergs has long been synonymous with great quality herbs, spices, teas, and other products. I’m delighted to learn that many of their products have recently been given the kosher stamp by KLBD, including their range of high quality bakery flavourings – vanilla, almond, peppermint, orange and lemon extracts, plus rose water and orange blossom water. 

Steenbergs bakery flavours

The extracts are mostly organic, and contain no added sugar or unnecessary additives. They smell AMAZING! The vanilla is rich and aromatic and the peppermint was just divine. I could have sat sniffing the bottles for hours! I’m looking forward to trying them out in my baking and cooking – watch this space…

The bakery flavourings range is available direct from Steenbergs, as well as from select independent stockists.

Thistly Cross Cider
Cider seems to have become quite trendy over the last few years but I must admit I’ve not been much of a fan. However, for you, dear readers, I’ll try anything, so I gamely gave this artisan Scottish cider a whirl. I was very pleasantly surprised! I love ginger anything, so the ginger variety was the first one I sampled, and it was really lovely – zingy, full-flavoured, and not too sweet and fizzy (which had been my concern). 

Thistly Cross ciders

I also tried the traditional  and real elderflower varieties. The traditional cider was crisp, dry and apple-y and altogether very enjoyable. The real elderflower cider was slightly sweeter with a proper floral elderflower flavour. I think it will be great in the summer! DH, who really is NOT a cider fan at all, also tried the traditional variety, and to my surprise even he agreed that it was actually rather nice! So do give these a try if you fancy something a bit different.

Thistly Cross’s award-winning ciders have been made on Belhaven Farm in Scotland since 2008, and come in six varieties – Original, Traditional, Whisky Cask, Real Ginger, Real Elderflower and Real Strawberry. They are KLBD, and cost around £3 for a 500ml bottle. Buy from independent retailers or online at

Tiptree spreads
You probably know Tiptree best for their jams but they also recently launched a range of spreads which are kosher KLBD. There are three flavours – salted caramel, chocolate, and banoffee – all made in a nut-free facility in Essex.

TIptree spreads

Kipper, as you might imagine, was a very enthusiastic volunteer when it came time to try these! Her favourite was the salted caramel, which was thick, gooey, sweet and delicious. I preferred the chocolate spread which was dark and rich. The banoffee was OK, but we both thought it was a bit too banana-y. If you really like bananas though, this is the one for you.

I’m quite excited to use these spreads in baking as well as for breakfast. They would all be great for filling and topping cakes, drizzling warm over desserts, or swirling into ice-creams. The spreads cost £2.49-£2.99 and are available in supermarkets, independent shops and online stores including


That’s it for now. I look forward to bringing you news of many more exciting and new kosher products hitting our shelves soon. Don’t forget to subscribe or follow me on Facebook to get regular recipe updates as well as kosher food and product news.

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Disclaimer: I was provided with sample products to try. I was not obliged to give a positive review and all opinions are my own.


  1. Some really nice products there, mostly nice and healthy as well as kosher! Well apart from the Tiptree spreads which look like a delicious treat.

  2. I love the rude health brand, but I haven’t seen the porridge with hazelnut butter before. I need to try that.

  3. Not very aware of kosher products. Do they need special stamps on them or something or do you check the labels?

    • Hi Michelle. It varies! Some items have a little logo on from whichever authority has given its kosher stamp of approval. Some items are approved but don’t have the logo printed on, and you need to check the website of the certifying authority. Some kinds of foods are generally OK as long as you read the ingredients to check for dodgy additives. And some non-complicated foods are just OK – like sugar, tea etc.
      There are some good apps available though, which makes checking things on the go much easier!

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