New & Kosher – the autumn edit! Plus Cirio tomato giveaway!

It’s been a while since I brought you news of new kosher foods, and we’ve had some interesting things to try out here at FFF towers, including yummy chocolate, new breakfast treats, and a whole range of vegan ‘cheese’. 

What's new and kosher in the UK! Chocolate, biscuits, and vegan 'cheese', plus a terrific giveaway of tinned tomatoes and related goodies.
cirio tomatoesWe also received a huge box of goodies from Cirio, who make tinned tomatoes, passata, and other tomato-based products. As you may know, many tinned vegetables and fruits don’t actually require a hechsher to be kosher, including tomatoes. (Although a little research showed that many Cirio tomato products are kosher certified by various Swiss, German and other European kashrut agencies.) Read on to find out how you could WIN your own box of Cirio products, including an apron, shopping bag and keyring.

But first, new kosher products:

1. Kinnerton Just Chocolate
This new range from Kinnerton is free from dairy, egg, gluten and nuts, so as well as being kosher (KLBD) and parve, it’s also a great choice if you’re after something for an allergy sufferer. The range consists of plain dark chocolate bars in two sizes (25g and 85g), a 25g orange chocolate bar, and a box of mint chocolate discs which will be a terrific after-dinner treat. Smooth, dark and delicious – just how I like my chocolate! Yum.

Kinnerton Just Chocolate range

The chocolates are available from Sainsburys, Waitrose, Morrisons and Asda, priced 85p-£5.

2. Sainsbury’s Free From dairy-free alternative to cheese
Sainsbury’s recently expanded their Free From range, and the new products include these vegan ‘cheeses’ which are certified kosher KLBD and are of course parve. There are two soft cheeses – original, and garlic & herb, and 3 hard cheeses – Greek style, Wensleydale with cranberries, and Cheddar. The cheddar is also available as a bag of grated cheese, and it was this that I tried first, putting it to the test in a toasted sandwich. It melted brilliantly well, taking on the gooey, stretchy consistency of proper melty cheese! The flavour is very mild though, so I would pair it with some decent chutney, slices of tomato, or something else to give it a bit more oomph. 

Toasted sandwich made with Sainsburys free from cheddar cheese alternative (vegan)

Some vegan friends tried out the Greek style and Wensleydale with cranberries and we all agreed that the Greek was probably the best, as the texture is quite close to feta and it does have a slight salty tang. The ‘cheeses’ are based on coconut and soya, and have a slightly sweet taste, which worked with the cranberries in the Wensleydale style cheese – although to be honest, none of us were that into fruity cheese.

What's new and kosher in the UK! Chocolate, biscuits, and vegan 'cheese', plus a terrific giveaway of tinned tomatoes and related goodies.

These would be a useful addition to the fridge if you’re after parve products, have vegans in the family, or are looking to avoid dairy for whatever reason. Please note though that there is also a cheddar with caramelised onions in the range which is NOT kosher certified.

The soft cheese alternatives are £1.65/tub, while the hard ‘cheeses’ and the grated cheddar style are £2.25 each.

3. Meridian nut butters & more
UPDATE 12/12/16 –
My original information (below) came from the Manchester Beth Din website on 14/11, but it was apparently quickly taken down. It now seems that the range was NOT certified by them, and at present, Meridian nut butters do NOT carry a hechsher. Sincere apologies for any confusion.
Exciting news for nut butter lovers – many items from Meridian’s range of no-added-sugar, wholesome whole nut butters have been certified kosher by the Manchester Beth Din. Kosher products now include 100% almond butter, almond butter with salt, 100% cashew butter, dry roasted peanut butter, 100% hazelnut butter, macadamia butter, 100% organic peanut butter, organic peanut butter with salt, 100% organic smooth almond butter, 100% organic smooth cashew butter, and organic pumpkin seed butter. There are also some non-nut-butter products, including organic fair-trade molasses, organic barley malt extract, and natural yeast extract with vitamin B12.

4. Rakusens biscuit range
Not content with giving their matza and crackers a make-over, Rakusens has now overhauled their sweet biscuit range as well. The new range includes digestives, chocolate digestives, chocolate oaties, spiced ginger biscuits with cinnamon, and chocolate bear biscuits. The ginger biscuits are light, crisp and delicious, and the chocolate bears look like they will be a great addition to kids lunch boxes, or a super after-school snack option. Kipper says, “The bear biscuits look as good as they taste – and they taste delicious!” The new biscuits hit the shelves from mid-November, so look out for them!

Rakusens sweet biscuit range

And don’t forget, if you’re pining for a fruity flapjack, you can always make your own using my recipe for copycat Rakusen’s fruit flapjacks!

5. Kingsmill Toasties
Kingsmill, whose products are kosher certified by the SKA, have recently launched ‘Toasties’ which are a tasty addition to your breakfast options. Simply pop one into the toaster to warm, lightly butter, and enjoy! There are three flavours available, mixed berry, cinnamon and raisin, and oat and red berry. Kipper and I tried the cinnamon raisin variety for our breakfast and they went down a treat!

Kingsmill toasties

Toasties come in packs of four for £1.19 and are available from Tesco, Asda and Co-op stores.

6. Cirio tomato giveaway!
Finally, the big tomato giveaway! Cirio have provided a bumper box of terrific tomato products for one lucky winner. The tinned tomatoes are wonderful quality, with a rich fruity flavour, and add depth and substance to whatever you cook with them. The passata makes a great, quick, tomato sauce, or can be easily added to soups and casseroles. If you need inspiration, the prize bundle includes a recipe book, and there’s also an apron and a big resuseable shopping bag. My favourite item in the prize bundle though is the Cirio trolley disc – no more getting to the supermarket to find you don’t have a £1 coin for the trolley! Hurrah!

The full prize is as follows: 1 tin chopped tomatoes, 1 carton passata, 1 bottle passata, 1 tube tomato puree, 1 tin Datterini, 1 tin Pomodorini, 1 tin Peeled Plum tomatoes, 1 tin Filetti, a squishy tomato keyring, a Cirio trolley disc, a Cirio apron, a tomato recipe book, and a Cirio shopping bag.

What's new and kosher in the UK! Chocolate, biscuits, and vegan 'cheese', plus a terrific giveaway of tinned tomatoes and related goodies.

To enter the giveaway, please use the rafflecopter below. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I’m seeing more and more kosher certified products around. I’ve just done my Christmas gift guide and I’ve found out Divine’s chocolate coins are kosher certified. Until I started reading your blog, it’s not something I ever thought about. Love Cirio tomatoes and that chocolate looks good.

    • Thanks Choclette. Yes, there do seem to be more and more interesting items becoming certified, which is great news! For most things, having kosher certification means that products are guaranteed to be vegetarian and that production methods have been scrutinised to a high standard. The Divine chocolate coins have been kosher certified for a few years – they’re the ones I usually buy for Chanukah!

  2. What a fab selection of food finds, regardless of religious leanings. I always use the Meridian nut butters when making treats for my my cancer nutrition classes (I buy the 1 kg tub). And i will buy no other tinned tomatoes than Cirio. Always buying them up when on an offer!

  3. Loads of great kosher products! I’ve tried quite a few from the Sainsbury’s vegan cheese range (Gary!) and my favourites are the cheddar (best melted) and the garlic and herb spreadable.

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