Fresh peach ice-cream

When I found myself with almost a full punnet of rapidly over-ripening flat peaches, and a pint of double cream, there was only one solution – peach ice-cream!

We love our ice-cream maker. It’s so easy to combine fruit, cream and a few other ingredients and turn them into a fabulously smooth and creamy iced dessert in the time in takes to eat the main course. (Previous outings for the machine include rhubarb & strawberry ice-cream sundae, and hazelnut meringue three-berry ice-cream sandwiches.)

This peach ice-cream manages to be creamy and refreshing at the same time. It does contain really quite a lot of fruit, so you could almost count it as one of your five a day, if you had a decent scoop 🙂 I didn’t bother peeling the peaches but just whizzed them up, skin and all, so the ice-cream is flecked with tiny pink particles of peach skin, which look quite pretty. 

The flavour is subtle, rather than intense. I suspect that adding more sugar would have accentuated the flavour further, but I wanted to avoid making it too sweet. I really liked it this way, and it seemed to go down well with DH and Kipper. We ate it with some strawberries and other fruit, and it was the perfect accompaniment on a (very) hot summer’s evening.

In case you’re curious, our ice-cream maker is the Magimix Gelato Chef, which has the distinct advantage that you don’t have to freeze the bowl or anything else in advance. You can decide to make ice-cream at the drop of a hat, and just get on with it. That said, it is ridiculously expensive, but it was a birthday present from DH. Lucky me 🙂

I keep thinking that this peach ice-cream would be great sandwiched between two ginger biscuits, but as yet, I haven’t tested this hypothesis. If you have a go, please let me know in the comments what it’s like!

 peach ice-cream

Peach ice-cream
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Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
30 min
Total Time
40 min
Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
30 min
Total Time
40 min
1392 calories
184 g
419 g
70 g
19 g
42 g
980 g
189 g
172 g
0 g
24 g
Nutrition Facts
Serving Size
Amount Per Serving
Calories 1392
Calories from Fat 621
% Daily Value *
Total Fat 70g
Saturated Fat 42g
Trans Fat 0g
Polyunsaturated Fat 3g
Monounsaturated Fat 21g
Cholesterol 419mg
Sodium 189mg
Total Carbohydrates 184g
Dietary Fiber 8g
Sugars 172g
Protein 19g
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your Daily Values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
  1. 500g peaches (approx 450g stoned)
  2. 200ml double cream
  3. 100ml milk
  4. 1 egg
  5. 125g sugar
  1. Stone the peaches and cut the flesh into chunks. Place in a large bowl and process to a puree using a stick blender.
  2. Add the cream, milk, egg and sugar, and continue to blend for a few minutes until the mixture is very well combined and smooth.
  3. Pour into the ice-cream machine and churn for around 30 minutes or until the mixture is frozen.
  4. Serve at once! Store any leftovers in the freezer 🙂
 peach ice-cream with strawberries

peach ice-cream with fruit


There are loads of fresh peaches around at the moment – and plenty of delectable summer fruit to eat this scrummy ice-cream with – so I’m entering the recipe into the Simple and in Season challenge, hosted this month by Elizabeth at, and organised by Ren at


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  5. My pleasure Elizabeth. Thanks for hosting! I always love the seasonal inspiration of other people’s ideas 🙂

  6. Fantastic! Nothing beats a fresh home made ice cream 🙂 Thanks for sharing with Simple and in Season 🙂

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