Pesach Giveaway! Win a gorgeous Yair Emmanuel matza tray from Contemporary Judaica

Enter below to win a gorgeous Pomegranate Matza Tray by Israeli artist Yair Emmanuel.

Do you have special Pesach things that you look forward to unpacking each year? Family heirlooms? Gorgeous crockery? A special Seder plate?

Deep and meaningful…

We have a few items that are particularly meaningful and that I really anticipate getting out and putting to use for just one week – or just one meal! For instance, the first year we made Pesach, DH and I had to improvise a seder plate, and ended up using some beautiful little Japanese dishes that a friend had given us when we got engaged, arranged on a big round metal tray. We liked the effect so much we packed the pieces away and now use them on our seder table every year! 

However, that’s not to say that I don’t spend hours browsing Pinterest and other online sources looking at the stunning artistic seder plates and other Jewish ritual items that are available. After all, we still need a proper matza cover, and a Cup of Elijah, and a nice afikomen bag to replace the one Kipper sewed when she was about 2 years old, and that has been holding together by the power of prayer ever since…

Tradition and aesthetics combine

While traditional shapes and functions remain, in recent years designs have been brought bang up to date and there are now beautiful modern pieces available to fill every Jewish need. Take a look at these amazing Pesach items from Contemporary Judaica, for example.

Pesach items

These are, clockwise from top left, Granite Porcelain Seder Plate with metal dishes by Brian and Alice Bergner, hand embroidered ‘Patches’ Matza and Afikoman covers by Yair Emmanuel, Futura Seder Plate by Jonathan Adler, and Square Modular Magnetic Matza plate by Laura Cowan.

Bright and beautiful

One designer that I really like is Yair Emmanuel, an Israeli artist who produces interesting, colourful Judaica and homewares, including this fabulous pomegranate matza tray:

Yair Emmanuel matza tray

Made of painted wood, the matza tray is 20.3 x 20.3 cm (8″ x 8″) so will comfortably hold a stack of your favourite unleavened bread. The deep sides will catch plenty of crumbs and keep them off your tablecloth! The matza tray is decorated with pomegranates, which are a traditional Jewish symbol, and the vivid colours bring a burst of colour to your Pesach table.

I’ve partnered with Contemporary Judaica to offer readers of Family Friends Food the chance to win one of these beautiful pomegranate matza trays, worth £30. Simply enter the draw using the rafflecopter below – good luck!

And enjoy unpacking your special Pesach things! Chag Sameach!

Don’t forget to take a peek at the rest of the range at Comtemporary Judaica – they make great gifts for family and friends (as well as yourself!) and items start at just £5.

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  1. Beautiful tray fantastic colours
    Would love this on my table, but wonderful to pass on to the children.

  2. This matzo tray is gorgeous, would love this as it would look lovely on my table, but would really like it for my Mother as a gift

  3. Would love to have this plate to make my table look gorgeous,but then its so pretty i would use it often!!!

  4. I love this! The colours are beautiful – would match my kitchen and it’s so beautiful I would probably use it all year round.

  5. Stunning matza plate: looks too good to use just for matza! Some of your yummy food may look good served on this

  6. Elaine Rosenthal

    Absolutely gorgeous matzoh plate ! Something to treasure and pass down on the Seder table. A memory in the making.

  7. Mrs Rozina Cowan

    Lovely to see New designs the more colourful the better

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