Win a gorgeous Shavuot gift hamper! Plus discount codes for everyone!

This gorgeous Shavuot gift hamper contains treats for all the family – fruits, nuts, chocolates, cake, honey & even a bottle of grape juice for Kiddush. Read on to see how you can win it or get 10% discount if you treat yourself or a friend!

Let’s face it, the first half of the year is a schlep. We finally make it through the bitter end of winter, only to be faced by the hard work of making Pesach! By the time Spring finally rolls around, we could all do with a treat to lift our spirits.

Fortunately, now the days are getting longer and warmer, the flowers are blooming, and Shavuot is on the horizon promising two days of cheesecake-stuffed loveliness to herald the start of Summer!

And as if that wasn’t enough, I’ve teamed up with Ripe Gifts to offer a lucky reader of Family Friends Food this absolutely stunning Shavuot gift hamper.

Shavuot gift hamper.

The sun even came out for me so I could photograph it in our garden!

Gorgeous foodie gifts

Packed to the gills with delicious gourmet treats, there really is something for everyone in this Shavuot gift hamper. Feeling virtuous? Go for the Nims fruit crisps or the beautiful trays of dried fruits and nuts from Walnut Tree. Feeling indulgent? Tear into the Guylian sea shells or Kennards artisan chocolate Neopolitans. Breakfast time? Hilltop acacia honey with cut comb is wonderful as a spread or drizzled onto your porridge. Need a snack? Dolce la Dolce coated nuts are a delicious little bite. And it’s up to you whether or not to share the Achva chocolate loaf cake or keep it all to yourself!

nuts and fruit crips.

There’s even a bottle of Kedem organic grape juice for your Yomtov kiddush. L’Chaim!

Everything in the box is kosher certified or approved, and many of the items are also vegan and/or gluten-free. 

honey, nuts, dried fruit

Beautifully packaged

The gift hamper is valued at £70 and comes packaged in a stylish and sturdy grey box with magnetic closure, tied with a smart satin ribbon. The full contents are as follows:

  • Jar of Hilltop acacia honey with cut comb
  • Achva chocolate loaf cake
  • Kennards Neopolitan chocolates
  • Guylian chocolate sea shells
  • Tray of exotic dried fruits by Walnut Tree
  • Tray of natural mixed nuts by Walnut Tree
  • 4 packets of Dolce la Dolce glazed nuts in different flavours – cashews with cocoa nibs; cashews with cranberries; almond with cherry; cashews with coconut
  • 2 packets Nims fruit crisps – 1 x apple; 1 x pineapple
  • Bottle Kedem organic grape juice

But how do they taste?

The Hilltop honey is light and floral and perfect for drizzling. I love honey on my toast but it would also be great on porridge or as a sweetener in herbal tea. The cut comb makes it look extra special too.

I’ve tried Kennards chocolate before but never had the Neapolitans. What a terrific little box! 10 different flavours to choose from and they are all fabulous. Hard to pick a favourite but I’d probably go for chilli and cardamom or roasted almond if pushed. Yum.

Kennards neopolitan chocolates on a plate.

Guylian seashells have been popular for years for good reason – the irresistible combination of creamy milk and white chocolate on the outside, and delicious melting praline inside. Impossible to eat just one – my daughter Kipper agreed!

The fruits and nuts by Walnut Tree are always reliably good and great for snacking. They also make an effortless and healthy after-dinner nibble with coffee – simply unwrap the stylish bamboo tray and put it on the table. Ta-da!

I hadn’t come across Dolce la Dolce glazed nuts before but they are fantastic and I’ll be keeping an eye out for them now! The almond with cherry mix was my favourite – the cherry flavour was pretty subtle but every so often there would be a burst of natural cherry flavour which was totally delicious. Shame the bags aren’t a bit bigger (or maybe it’s just as well…)

Dolce la Dolce glazed almonds in a bowl.

Kipper claimed the fruit crisps – she loves a healthy snack! The pineapple ones were especially good, slightly tart as well as sweet and with a delicious fruity flavour.

Finally, the Achva chocolate cake is moist and delicious. Great to have on standby for unexpected guests or just to treat yourself with a cuppa! I think it would also make a lovely easy dessert with some ice-cream and a few summer berries.

Treat yourself or a friend

Sadly I can’t give one of these fabulous Shavuot gift hampers to every one of my readers, but I CAN offer everyone a discount code worth 10% off anything from the Ripe Gifts website. Simply use code FFF001 at checkout to get 10% discount on your order. They have a tremendous selection of kosher gift hampers and also cater for vegan, gluten-free and other special diets. And delivery is FREE within the UK. 

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Shavuot gift hamper.

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This giveaway is sponsored by Ripe Gifts. I was provided with samples of all the products mentioned above, but I was not compelled to write good reviews and all opinions are my own. Using the discount code FFF001 will earn me a small commission, helping me go on blogging at no cost to my readers! Thank you for supporting the brands that support!


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    Thanks for inspiring recipes

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    Shalom ubrajah!

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