Special spoons – review and giveaway!

The nice people at RoyalVKB recently sent me a set of their new ‘Special Spoons’ to try out. I have to admit, I was a bit excited, not just because of their ‘specialness’ but also because we love gadgets in this kitchen! Why use a knife when there’s a zest-removal tool? Or a twisty thing for making corkscrews out of cucumbers? Or a widget for getting all the peel off an apple in one really, really long strand? Right? I was in no doubt that the Special Spoons would fit right in.

The set consists of five spoons (one of which is a fork, confusingly), which are, according to the blurb, “those very useful spoons that are always found to be missing in your kitchen drawer when desparately needed!” They are a jam spoon, a toast spreader, an olive spoon, a pickle fork, and a spicy spoon.

Special spoons kit

Special spoons kit

The spoons come in a “model kit format” – basically all attached to a square plastic frame, from which they need to be snapped free, much like an air fix kit. Kipper had a whale of time liberating them from their packaging! 

Kipper gets to work separating the special spoons

Kipper gets to work separating the special spoons.

Once they were all out, she wore the frame as a necklace. I think we may have to keep it for a while just for this purpose.

The frame necklace, modelled by Kipper

The frame necklace, modelled by Kipper.

Kipper immediately put the pickle fork to use spearing the remains of her snack – some sliced fruit. I had been a nervous as to how sturdy the fork would be, but it coped fine with fruit salad, at any rate. Kipper also hinted that the snack had been made “more special” by contact with the Special Spoon…

Kipper puts the pickle fork to work on a fruit salad.

What pickle? Kipper puts the pickle fork to work on a fruit salad.

The jam spoon is shaped such that it can retrieve the last bit of jam from the bottom corner of the jar, which is excellent. The slotted olive spoon I’m sure will also see a lot of use here – it enables you to scoop an olive (or pickled onion etc) from the jar without getting your fingers covered in briny juice. I just hope Kipper doesn’t figure out how to open the olive jar herself. She would probably experiment with how many olives a single pre-schooler can ingest in one sitting. I worry the number would be distressingly large.

The spicy spoon is a tiny spoon designed for scooping out just a little bit of hot sauce, mustard, wasabi etc. To be honest, I’m not sure how much of its intended use it will get here, but I eyeballed it at about 0.5 tsp (maybe a bit less) and its shape will make it quite useful for getting spices out of jars in small amounts, I think. 

Special spoons kit

The full selection of special spoons, prior to separating – the ‘spicy spoon’ is at the front.

The only spoon that hasn’t so far come into its own is the toast spreader. It was very good at getting goo out of jars, but I couldn’t get it to spread as well as my Swedish butter spreaders, which I love love love. However, if you don’t have any of these Swedish beauties (see my first para re gadgets!), you’ll think the spreader is great too. 

I’m not sure I would buy these spoons for myself, but they would make a terrific gift for a friend who likes foodie gadgets (like us), or even just as an alternative to the usual dinner party wine or chocolates. (As Pesach approaches, they might also be an unusual gift for your Seder hosts.) The sets come in four colours – black, yellow, red and fuchsia – and are available here. You can also see the full range of Royal VKB products here.

Excitingly, I was also sent a SECOND set of Special Spoons, in yellow, to give away to one lucky reader of the blog. To be in with a chance of winning, simply like the family-friends-food page on Facebook by 16 March. After that, I will choose a ‘liker’ at random to receive these lovely Special Spoons.

RoyalVKB kindly sent me these spoons to try out. I was not required to write a positive post and any opinions expressed are my own.

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