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New & Kosher Feb 2017

It’s been a while since I’ve updated you on what’s new on the kosher shelves – mostly because I’ve been busy doing other things, sorry! But for the last few weeks I’ve had my tasting and sampling hat back on, so I can bring you this lovely selection of delicious new…

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Menorah waffles! A super-easy, cute Chanukah breakfast

When I saw these Christmas Tree Waffles from Diana at Little Sunny Kitchen, I realised that I needed to up my Chanukah breakfast game considerably! My daughter Kipper loves a special breakfast, and she loves Chanukah, so I was guaranteed a warm reception if I could pull this off. However,…

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Blueberry compote with bay-leaf

blueberry compote on toast

We usually have a special family breakfast at the weekend. Occasionally this will be croissants or something like that, but more often than not, we make waffles. I bought the waffle maker in July 2012. I know it was July because the shop assistant looked at me as if I…

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