Individual berry cheesecakes – a Shavuot treat!

triple berry cheesecakes

Fruity berry cheesecake topped by a plain cheesecake layer & decorated with berry syrup swirls. These cute & easy individual cheesecakes are just divine! Shavuot in the sunshine Last year, Cambridge enjoyed its first Shavuot garden party, held in the gorgeous surroundings of Kings College Fellows Garden. The sun shone, Pimms was…

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Inside-out cheesecake cookies for Shavuot

Cheesecake cookies.

These moreish cheesecake cookies combine a crumbly-soft lightly spiced cookie crust with a lusciously tangy cheesecake filling. A firm family favourite! What’s your favourite Jewish festival? I think mine is probably Shavuot – the Spring harvest festival, which celebrates G-d giving the Ten Commandments (and the rest of the Torah) to the Jewish…

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