8 fabulous fish recipes for Pesach!

Moroccan spiced salmon skewers & vegetable kebabs with quinoa

I don’t know about you, but we seem to eat more than the usual amount of fish over Pesach. There are lots of fish recipes here on Family-Friends-Food, and I’ve rounded up the most Pesach-friendly ones for you below – using hake, haddock, salmon, and smoked salmon. Some of them…

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Fish and spring vegetable tray bake

hake and spring vegetable tray bake on plate

I’m becoming quite a fan of the fish-and-vegetable tray bake. The mingling flavours make everything taste yummy, and there’s only one dish to wash up! The trick, I am discovering, is to ensure that the vegetables are cut sufficiently thinly that they can cook in the relatively short time it…

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Hake grilled with spring onion mayonnaise

grilled hake with spring onion mayonnaise

Yes, it’s those pesky spring onions again! Having made the spring onion pancakes, and the spring vegetable risotto, I was nearly through them all. This hake recipe used up nearly another bunch. Not many to go now… There were a couple of inspirations for this dish. Firstly, my Mum, who…

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