Lentilles vertes with fresh & dried mushrooms

lentilles vertes & mushrooms

You’d think, having been entirely or mostly vegetarian for 25 years, I’d be pretty au fait with lentils. Not so. I reckon I’ve got red lentils pretty much sussed. And the other main kind here in the UK seems to be green lentils. So far, so straightforward. The problems arrive with…

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Simple roasted butternut squash soup with lentils

For what feels like forever I’ve been undergoing orthodontic treatment to realign my dodgy jaw joints, expand my dental arches, and generally make my jaws/teeth/mouth better. Until now, I’ve had removable appliances (braces, in common parlance) which I could pop in and out and were a pest but nothing too…

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Easy lentil and mushroom curry with coconut

Lentil and mushroom curry

This is a traditional British curry, in that it’s completely inauthentic and bears only a passing resemblance to anything served on the Indian sub-continent. (I toyed with the idea of calling this a dal but decided that was a bridge too far.) However, this lentil and mushroom curry is quick, simple to…

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