Spinach and mushroom stroganoff

spinach & mushroom stroganoff

There are those who believe you shouldn’t tinker with ‘classic’ dishes like mushroom stroganoff, but I would like to remind these naysayers that mushroom stroganoff itself is a derivative of the original – beef stroganoff. However, strips of beef in a creamy sauce isn’t much use to a Jewish vegetarian (Jewish dietary…

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Field mushrooms, spinach & baked eggs

Apparently my creative juices ran dry when I tried to come up with a good name for this dish. Sorry. At least the one I finally settled on describes what it is you’re going to eat. If anyone has a better idea, please leave it in the comments… Anyway, back…

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Veggie sausage and pepper pasta bake

Sausage and pepper pasta bake

My friends just had a baby! Squeals of excitement all round! It’s their third, and their first boy. His two big sisters (and parents) are suitably thrilled. And it seemed only right, after all the effort they’d gone to to bring the little man into the world, that someone else…

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Tomato and mozzarella stuffed mushrooms

Tomato and mozarella stuffed mushrooms

As is traditional, I massively over-bought when it came to the Pesach shopping. At least partly this was because I completely mis-counted the number of days we’d be at home, and the number of days we’d be at my parents. Oops. But partly it was also the paranoia of running…

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Asparagus and oyster mushrooms with lemon-pinenut-pesto spaghetti

spaghetti with lemon-pinenut pesto, asparagus and oyster mushrooms

Oy, what a long and complicated title for what is really a simple, quick and delicious dish! Kipper and I were in town, and I spotted the first of the English asparagus on the market. The season is just starting, and doesn’t last long enough, so I snapped up a…

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Moroccan spiced salmon skewers (& vegetable kebabs)

Moroccan spiced salmon skewers & vegetable kebabs with quinoa

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m trying to clear out at least some of the freezer before Pesach. Just three and a half weeks to go, and it’s not looking good. I suspect our protein intake may skyrocket in the next few weeks. Hmmm. So, salmon. Three skinless fillets, to be exact. And…

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