Delicious root vegetable stroganoff

Brighten up your dinner table with this vibrant root vegetable Stroganoff - chunky carrots, beets & swede in a tangy paprika & yogurt sauce. Delicious!

We get an organic vegetable box delivered every week, which has its pros and cons. The pros, of course, are the fresh, seasonal, local, delicious vegetables that appear every Thursday with no effort required on our part. The main con is that I then have to come up with something…

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Spinach and mushroom stroganoff

spinach & mushroom stroganoff

There are those who believe you shouldn’t tinker with ‘classic’ dishes like mushroom stroganoff, but I would like to remind these naysayers that mushroom stroganoff itself is a derivative of the original – beef stroganoff. However, strips of beef in a creamy sauce isn’t much use to a Jewish vegetarian (Jewish dietary…

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Potato wedges with oregano & paprika

potato wedges with oregano and paprika

I used to have a flatmate who was highly neurotic about food. There were so many things she wouldn’t eat, it was easier to list the things she would eat. As well as being vegan, she had a massive list of things that apparently “give you cancer“. You know, really harmful…

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