Quick & easy cheesecake popcorn cups

Sweet, creamy cheesecake - in popcorn form! These little cups of deliciousness are a perfect snack for both kids and adults.

After the success of Rosh Hashanah’s apple and honey popcorn, I was inspired to create cheesecake popcorn for Shavuot. Everyone loves popcorn, right? Well, Kipper does, anyway, and she’s my main target audience for sweet things. She also loves cheesecake, so I was fairly confident that these would go over…

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Apple & honey gourmet popcorn – a Rosh Hashanah treat!

apple & honey gourmet popcorn

You know what the Rosh Hashanah celebrations are missing? Gourmet popcorn.  It’s obvious now I’ve said it, right? I lay awake in bed the other night imagining how delicious this apple and honey popcorn would be, and figuring out how to make it, and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t done it…

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