Easy ‘sideways’ potato gratin

sideways potato gratin

We eat potatoes pretty frequently, in one shape or another. Roast potatoes are a favourite, mash makes a regular appearance, and then there’s my potato and carrot layer bake that graces our table every few weeks, too. Oh, and hasselback potatoes, potato salad, jacket potatoes…  Anyway, I decided it was…

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Crispy potato roses – a truly gorgeous side-dish

Tutorial: how to make potato roses. The most beautiful thing you can make with a potato. These gorgeous potato roses add a touch of glamour or romance to any plate. Simple, but impressive!

These have to be among the most beautiful things I’ve ever made, and I’m 100% sure they’re the most beautiful thing I’ve created using potatoes. They were almost too gorgeous to eat. Great edible blossoms adorning the plate. Even Kipper thought they looked, “Soooo pretty, Mummy!” They are based on…

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Pesach potato gnocchi – with and without cheese – gluten free

Delicious home-made potato gnocchi contain no wheat flour and are naturally gluten-free. Choose from plain or cheesy options for a satisfying family meal.

Do you eat a lot of pasta? We do. I try to limit it to only two or three times a week, but it’s easy, convenient, tasty and versatile. And I think DH would happily eat it every night, left to his own devices. (I think that maybe he did, before…

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Helzel potatoes – a childhood favourite

helzel potatoes

Apparently, I was mistaken about Spring’s arrival. It’s gone back to being FREEZING, and the wind seems to have come here from somewhere in the arctic. I actually got sleeted on yesterday. Ugh.  However, it does give me a good excuse to share this recipe for helzel potatoes with you.…

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Celery and pea soup with goats cheese

I have an odd relationship with celery. I’ve nothing against it, but then, I’m not that fond of it either. Ambivalent, you might say.  My Mum is quite partial to celery, and uses it a lot in her cooking, so there was always some in the fridge when I was…

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Oven-fried delicious potato latkes

oven-fried potato latkes

Chanukah is here at last! What a day Kipper and I have had. We started off in London to see the stage production of The Latke Who Couldn’t Stop Screaming, at JW3. I’m always amazed at how a book that can be read in 5 minutes can be turned into an hour…

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World’s greatest roast potatoes

Roast potatoes

UPDATE 20 October 2014: There is a monthly Jewish food challenge called the Kosher Connection that I sometimes participate in. This month’s theme is “The One Food You Would Want If Stranded On An Island.” I thought quite hard about this, and decided that I’d probably want the ultimate comfort…

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Courgette and potato tortilla (Spanish omelette)

courgette & potato tortilla

We had the umpteenth barbecue of the summer and I made rather too many of these fabulous smoky barbecue potatoes in foil. So the next day I came up with a plan to recycle them into a delicious potato tortilla. It was super easy to make, quick, and very tasty. We ate…

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