Gooey wild mushroom and spinach one-pot pasta dinner

Gooey mushroom & spinach one-pot pasta dinner

Pinterest is a great way to lose a few hours, isn’t it? I find myself browsing pins for things I’m not even interested in, like bathroom decor and wedding decorations. Although to be fair, as you might expect, mostly I look at recipes. And food more generally. But mostly recipes.…

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Kenwood BLM800 Blend-X Pro Blender Review – & coconut berry bars recipe

coconut berry bars

I’ve mentioned before how much I love my Kenwood Chef food mixer. It’s brilliant for cakes and meringues, mixing and kneading dough, and so on. It has an integral blender on its rear end, but unfortunately my blender jug had cracked. I asked Kenwood about a replacement and they suggested I…

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Sticky baked sweet potatoes & aubergines with soy, maple, garlic & ginger

baked sweet potatoes & aubergines

A long time ago, I spent 3 months in California, writing my MSc dissertation while simultaneously working in two part-time jobs. Despite being fairly busy, it was a fun time, and I met lots of nice people. Early on in my American adventure, I was invited to a pot-luck dinner, and…

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Easy ‘sideways’ potato gratin

sideways potato gratin

We eat potatoes pretty frequently, in one shape or another. Roast potatoes are a favourite, mash makes a regular appearance, and then there’s my potato and carrot layer bake that graces our table every few weeks, too. Oh, and hasselback potatoes, potato salad, jacket potatoes…  Anyway, I decided it was…

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Hake with balsamic caramelised onions, thyme & smoked paprika

hake with balsamic caramelised onions, smoked paprika & thyme

I think hake is a really underrated fish. It’s so underrated that it’s often quite hard to come by, despite being moist, flaky and delicious. So I was quite pleased when I found a big bag of frozen hake loins at Costco, which of course made its way to our freezer…

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Creamy smoked salmon & pea pasta – ready in 15 minutes

creamy smoked salmon & pea pasta

Usually I have an hour or so to get the dinner ready, but one evening, time ran away with me and suddenly it was 20-to-dinnertime and I had nothing even approaching ready. To make matters worse, we were also short of ingredients. I opened the fridge and took a panicked…

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Post-Pesach Pasta-fest!! It’s the Pasta Please roundup!

If you’re anything like me, now that Pesach (Passover) is over, you’ll be leaping joyfully back onto the pasta wagon and gorging on oodles of noodles, making up for a week (was it really only a week?!) doing without. Fortunately, I’m able to share a whole load of delicious pasta…

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