Chunky onion and aubergine stew

Onion and aubergine stew

Kipper LOVES aubergines.  Ha! I just looked back through previous posts and saw how many of them include those words! It’s really true though. She just can’t get enough of those gorgeous purple vegetables – baked, roasted, griddled, fried, hot, cold. Yum yummy yum yum. I had a big fat…

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Veggie sausage and pepper pasta bake

Sausage and pepper pasta bake

My friends just had a baby! Squeals of excitement all round! It’s their third, and their first boy. His two big sisters (and parents) are suitably thrilled. And it seemed only right, after all the effort they’d gone to to bring the little man into the world, that someone else…

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Spinach artichoke pesto (and spaghetti)

Spaghetti with spinach artichoke pesto.

I think I’ve mentioned before how much I enjoy getting an organic vegetable box every week. This week we got a bag of lovely leafy spinach, and I ummed and aahed for ages trying to decide what to make with it. In the end, having a basil plant sitting on the…

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Basic tomato sauce

spaghetti with basic tomato sauce

Need a quick, basic tomato sauce? Look no further. This one is tasty enough to serve simply on pasta, but unobtrusive enough to blend seamlessly into something fancier. A moussaka for instance. Or pasta with roasted vegetables and tomato sauce. Three minutes prep then leave it to simmer. Bob’s your…

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