Quick smoked mackerel & avocado pate

Quick smoked mackerel & avocado pate (Pesach)

I was having my hair cut. My appointment was just before lunch, and as I sat in the hairdresser’s chair, listening to my tummy rumble, my mind inevitably wandered to the contents of my fridge, and what I was going to eat JUST AS SOON AS I GOT HOME! I had…

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Creamy leek, spinach & smoked mackerel savoury crumble

spinach, leek & smoked mackerel savoury crumble

I haven’t made a savoury crumble for at least 15 years, probably longer. But for some reason, it was exactly what I fancied. Perhaps it’s the nip in the air that signals autumn is on its way? Perhaps the shorter evenings? Whatever it was, a creamy, smoky filling topped with…

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Smoked mackerel pate for a bank holiday picnic!

smoked mackerel pate

Ready in 5 minutes, this 3-ingredient smoked mackerel pate is delicious as a dip, and super in a sandwich! Creamy and peppery, it’s perfect picnic or party food. Ah, the joy of a sunny bank holiday weekend!  DH had booked us in to the classic car show at IWM Duxford…

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