Celebratory confetti fruit salad – a beautiful, healthy dessert

confetti fruit salad

Finely diced ripe fruits are combined with a spicy, zesty dressing to create a glorious fruit salad. It’s a dazzling fruity celebration in every mouthful! We eat fruit salad pretty much every day, so coming up with a way to make it different and exciting can be a challenge. But…

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Grandma’s fruit compote & sweet Tu B’Shevat memories

Grandma's dried fruit compote

Succulent spiced fruits in a rich syrup, Grandma’s dried fruit compote makes a delicious dessert or a healthy, nutritious breakfast. Do you ever prepare a dish whose aroma transports you while it is cooking? The fragrance of this sweet and spicy dried fruit compote is like a culinary time machine…

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Tree-shaped fruity raisin challah for Tu B’Shevat (or anytime!)

Tree shaped raisin challah

Fluffy, soft, delicious raisin challah packed with extra dried fruits! Make a tree-shaped challah for Tu B’Shevat or enjoy a loaf anytime. Hands up who loves a fruity bun? They are always a big hit in our house, spread with loads of butter and enjoyed for breakfast, tea, or just…

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Tu B’Shevat fruit platter – celebrate New Year for Trees!

Tu b'shevat fruit platter.

Celebrate Tu B’Shevat – the Jewish New Year for Trees – with a delicious fruit platter featuring 15 gorgeous tree-grown fruits. What is Tu B’Shevat? Tu B’Shevat is one of the more minor of the Jewish festivals, but one of the most fun to celebrate! The name literally means “15…

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