Copycat Rakusen’s fabulous fruit flapjacks!

copycat rakusens fruit flapjacks

Delicious, chewy, oaty flapjacks studded with juicy dried fruits and richly flavoured with syrup and coconut. Dairy free, parve, vegan, and utterly yummy! It’s been a while since Rakusen’s discontinued their fruit flapjacks, but I still miss them. Unfortunately, while some people loved them, they apparently didn’t sell as well…

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Crispy grilled mackerel with garlic & lemon

grilled mackerel with garlic & lemon.

We love the crispy, smoky skin & juicy, flavourful flesh of this delicious grilled mackerel. Packed with Omega 3, it’s a healthy family favourite dinner. First, let me apologise for the sub-standard photos accompanying this recipe. I’ve made this garlicky grilled mackerel several times recently and failed to get a really…

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Green shakshuka – for one!

Green shakshuka.

A perfectly cooked egg is surrounded by a soft, cumin-scented vegetable hash. This delicious green shakshuka is quick, easy & oh so good! I learnt the following three things on my second Whole30 diet: Apple slices spread with almond butter are a surprisingly delicious snack Cooking anything in clarified butter (ghee)…

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Paleo porridge – grain-, gluten-, dairy- and refined sugar-free

Paleo porridge topped with fruit.

A delicious start to the day, this paleo porridge contains no grains, dairy or refined sugar! Top this filling hot breakfast bowl with fruit for extra get-up-and-go! I’ve really enjoyed doing the Whole30 diet a couple of times, but the food can get a bit, well, samey. After eating either…

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