Sicilian-style kale with pine nuts, currants, capers and lemon

Sicilian-style kale.

Savoury, salty, sweet and zesty, this Sicilian-style kale has it all! Use cavolo nero or substitute your favourite greens to make this delicious dish. Italian food is always a win in our house. But there are many regional variations, and Italy is a big place! One of our favourite ways…

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Classic carrot salad – fresh and delicious!

French carrot salad.

Crunchy, fresh and delicious, classic French-style carrot salad transforms a few simple ingredients into a sophisticated side dish or starter. We ate salad every day of Pesach. That’s a lot of salad. We really like salad, but I think it’s good to have variety. So as well as a daily…

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Roasted baby potatoes with mushrooms and onions

Roasted potatoes with onions and mushrooms.

Crisp, golden roasted baby potatoes with tender caramelised onions and delicious earthy mushrooms. Easy to make and so versatile! A fabulous vegan side dish. Do you have recipes that have evolved over decades of cooking? This is one of mine. It’s almost indistinguishable from where it started, but it’s still…

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Roasted hasselback butternut squash with sweet chilli and rosemary

Uncooked hasselback butternut squash.

Roasted hasselback butternut squash combines simple ingredients and just a few minutes of effort to create a stunning, delicious side dish fit for a special occasion. Don’t you just love a dish that takes minimal effort and ingredients and looks a million dollars? I know I do! Anything that takes…

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Classic British Hamantaschen buns – a vegan Purim treat!

poppy seed hamantaschen.

These vegan poppy-seed hamantaschen feature a fluffy soft yeasted dough, a sweet sugar glaze, and plenty of delicious homemade filling. Perfect for Purim! Sometimes, the original really is the best. I’m all for hamantaschen mash-ups – see my Eccles cake hamantaschen, fortune cookie hamantaschen, or even savoury pizza hamantaschen if…

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Gingerbread Chanukah Gelt

Gingerbread Chanukah gelt.

Delicious seasonal gingerbread cookies are iced to resemble coins. Let Gingerbread Chanukah gelt be your new festive tradition! If you celebrate Chanukah, chances are you’ve eaten Chanukah gelt. And chances are it was made of chocolate. Foil-wrapped chocolate coins have become a pretty ubiquitous part of our festive celebrations at…

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