Smokey barbecue potatoes in foil

barbecued potatoes in foil

We are having a barbecue summer here. Since there can be no confidence that the lovely sunny weather will continue beyond a day or two, we’ve been barbecuing like mad while the going’s good. As well as the usual suspects to hit the grill, we recently enjoyed barbecued pineapple. I encourage…

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Courgette with garlic & tomato

courgettes with garlic & tomato

Each year we grow vegetables in our garden. They’re so yummy, freshly picked, prepared and eaten. This year we have tomatoes, french beans, baby corn and courgettes. It doesn’t matter what else there is, there’s always courgettes. And they’re always delicious. I had three courgette plants this time, but two…

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Fennel risotto with buttered baby courgettes

Fennel risotto with buttered baby courgettes.

Ah, risotto. All that creamy rice and meltingly soft veggies and mmm mmm mmm. AND it’s easy to make. Hurrah! We really like risotto in this house. I probably make it at least once a month. So, this fennel risotto is, quite literally, the flavour of the month.  Annoyingly, the photos…

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Mango salsa – guest post!

mango salsa

My friend Siôn is a keen cook, and keeps announcing his delicious-sounding dishes via Facebook. It seemed only fair to give him a chance at international culinary stardom (!) by inviting him to write a guest post here.  If you fancy seeing your own recipe appearing on Family-Friends-Food, please drop me…

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Chunky onion and aubergine stew

Onion and aubergine stew

Kipper LOVES aubergines.  Ha! I just looked back through previous posts and saw how many of them include those words! It’s really true though. She just can’t get enough of those gorgeous purple vegetables – baked, roasted, griddled, fried, hot, cold. Yum yummy yum yum. I had a big fat…

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Spinach artichoke pesto (and spaghetti)

Spaghetti with spinach artichoke pesto.

I think I’ve mentioned before how much I enjoy getting an organic vegetable box every week. This week we got a bag of lovely leafy spinach, and I ummed and aahed for ages trying to decide what to make with it. In the end, having a basil plant sitting on the…

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