Spring vegetable risotto – dairy free

spring vegetable risotto

Ever since we came back from the Country House Shabbat with four bunches of spring onions, I’ve been trying to come up with ways to use them up. My Mum said she’d seen a recipe somewhere for a risotto which included, among other things, spring onions. I decided to give…

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Broccoli mushroom soup with noodles & coconut

broccoli mushroom soup with noodles and coconut

When I used to live in London and spend a couple of hours every day commuting (never again!) I would whip up this kind of soup really regularly. It is quick to make, and I find the warm coconut broth to be soothing and calming after a stressful day. Or…

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Maple roasted carrots and parsnips

maple-roasted carrots and parsnips

As side dishes go, maple roasted carrots and parsnips are definitely among my favourites. Dead quick and easy to prepare – you can even do them in advance and keep them in the fridge till an hour before you want to eat them, then just shove in a preheated oven.…

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Cocoa nib cookies – cacao, cocoa, chocolate

Box of cocoa nib cookies

We hosted a charity fundraising event in our house – nothing massive, just a talk by an interesting guy, followed by tea and biscuits. The organisers brought a selection of baked goods, but it seemed rude to host the event and not provide something that I’d made myself. I was thinking of…

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Asian-inspired aubergines

Asian-inspired baked aubergine with almond noodles

I usually end up doing vaguely Mediterranean things with aubergines, but just fancied a change this time. I had intended to stir fry the aubergine with some smoked tofu and the asian-inspired sauce, but Kipper started telling me how much she “LOVES baked aubergines”. So I ditched the tofu and did…

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Almond noodles – peanut noodles without peanuts

almond noodles with baked aubergines

I have a recipe for peanut noodles. I know that’s it’s delicious. And yet, somehow, over the years, my mild dislike of peanut butter has become so overwhelming that I now can’t even contemplate having it in my house, never mind opening a jar of it and actually consuming some. Bleurgh…

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Zesty chopped salad – TCP

zesty chopped salad

A quick side dish for you. We ate this with the spicy pan-fried salmon and it was deliciously zesty and fresh alongside the oily spicy fish. It’s also fantastic with humous, or as part of a tapas-style starter. You can put diced olives in instead of the tapenade. Or leave…

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