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Do you have a recipe notebook? I must admit, I have several. I have a neat one for savoury recipes, where soups, salads, main dishes and so on are meticulously copied out in beautiful handwriting. I have a similarly tidy one for sweet recipes – cakes, bakes, desserts etc. And then, I have the one I use most often, where works-in-progress, half-baked ideas, and on-the-hoof-notes are jotted, illegibly, before being splashed with oil/tomato puree/fruit juice/misc. to make them even harder to read.

recipe notebooks

Occasionally, a recipe will reach maturity and will be copied out into one of the ‘best’ notebooks. Bliss.

My recipe notebook system is far from perfect, but it is better than the old system, whereby everything that now gets recorded in the scruffy book was written down on old bus tickets, backs of envelopes, newspaper margins, and a thousand other scraps of paper that I could never find later. Yes, a definite improvement.

Meanwhile, when I’m not blogging, I have an etsy shop where I make beautiful notebooks for other people! So I decided to not only make one for myself (see photo), but also to make one for a lucky reader of this blog!

recipe notebook stack

Yes! You could win a gorgeous recipe notebook, worth £34, customised to your exact specifications, and ready to fill with your favourite recipes, notes, or whatever else you fancy.

I must admit, I’m pretty chuffed with the one I made for myself. It has a collage of some of my favourite photos from the blog on it, and it contains 120 lovely smooth and empty pages just waiting for me to get busy 🙂

Read on for more details of the lovely prize…

This beautiful softback recipe book is made to order with fully customized covers featuring your favourite photographs, your title, and your choice of text on the back cover. The frontispiece can also be personalised.

• Professionally printed, beautifully bound softback book
• 15 x 23 cm (approx. 6 x 9 inches)
• Customised covers, with images and title of your choice
• Your title printed on the book’s spine
• Photo and personalised message on back cover (optional)
• Customised frontispiece bearing your title or other text
• Title, message etc. in your choice of font 
• 120 pages of uncoated cream 90gsm paper – similar to a novel’s pages
• Pages can be left blank, lined, or laid out for recipes – your choice 

 To enter, simply use the rafflecopter below. Good luck!

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  1. I write them on bits of paper and if I’m organised they go into a file.

  2. I have an old notebook that I’ve used for years, its truly on its last legs!

  3. I print them off, or write on scraps of paper.

  4. I just have lots of loose paper.

  5. i was given a lined ‘Recipe book 40 years ago when i was 12- I have used up the whole book and added scraps of paper with numerous extra recipes now and it is held together by elastic bands!

  6. scrap paper , recipe folder , stored in folders on the net – anywhere i can

  7. in a ringbinder 🙂

  8. I have my own hand written recipe book with photos of the recipes which I stick in

  9. I have a folder which is now full and I just stuff bits of paper inside it!!

  10. Whatever bits of paper I can find. really not good lol

  11. Bernadette Willis

    They tend to be on scraps of paper, a truly terrible system

  12. On pieces of paper

  13. I currently use a leather bound notebook that I’ve had for years – it’s getting a bit tatty!

  14. little bits of paper

  15. I write it on bits of paper and file them in my cook booksm then have to go through them to find the one I want

  16. I have a shabby little note pad which is falling to bits

  17. I am so disorganised! I have loads of torn out recipes from magazines that I haven’t got round to organising!

  18. I print off my recipes and stick them in a boring old blue binder.

  19. Charlotte Hoskins

    Currently on scraps on paper which I then bung in the front of cook books – disorganised!

  20. on paper what i them put in a folder

  21. I have a lovely scrap book my sister bought me. 🙂

  22. scraps of paper

  23. An old school exercise book

  24. Michelle Hollingsbee

    Scraps of paper or even cardboard, really need to get them organised.

  25. I keep them in my mind – I don’t write them down. EJ Dunn

  26. Usually write them up on Microsoft Word and print them out

  27. pieces of paper

  28. I have a little notebook

  29. backs of envelopes

  30. A note pad

  31. I’m not organised enough to write down recipes – though I should. Many times we have sat down to dinner and gone “this is delicious!!” but I am not sure how to re-create it when I go to do it again! A recipe book for me to write them down would be a great idea!

  32. elizabeth ferguson

    smartphone or ipad

  33. I have a special scrapbook and treat it like my bible!!

  34. I write mine on scraps of pape

  35. On random scraps of paper – not very organised right now!!

  36. I don’t – I need to though. I’m a keen cook, but also very much a make it up on the spot kind of person…..which also means I can rarely repeat something even if we reeeally enjoyed it (which my husband finds annoying). I’m so disorganized.

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  38. My recipes are scrawled on bits of notepaper and chucked in a plastic folder, along with some of my recipe sheets from school home economics from the late ’80s!

  39. Either I write them on a piece of paper or cut out of a magazine, then put them in a photo album and the plastic cover protects them.

  40. Sheets of paper that I slot into recipe books and then promptly lose or forget where I’ve put them

  41. I write on some paper and then when get time type up and put in plastic sleeve in folder

  42. i dont, iv never thought of writing them down, and i forget them, good idea!

  43. in a spiral A4 notebook with sections

  44. I type them and print them

  45. I do have a recipe book but it is nearly full and I need more sections now..

  46. Scraps of paper

  47. an old school text book of my sons, which is in a terrible state

  48. just in a notebook but this is great

  49. Usually on the backs of envelopes

  50. Scraps of paper, I could do with being a bit more organised!

  51. I save them as favourites on my laptop 🙂

  52. notebook

  53. i write mine on a plain ruled notepad, I always mean to put them in a folder but don’t get round to it.

  54. I had all good intentions of putting recipes in plastic wallets in a folder. I still have a box file full of recipes in no order, with an empty folder and a box of plastic wallets by the side….

  55. on scraps of paper which I can never re find.. really bad as I’ve made some fab stuff and I literally have no clue

  56. Started off well printing them off & putting them in a display pocket folder, however now it’s full of bits of paper I’ve scribbled things down on or cut things out & just thrown them in.

  57. great idea, my Indian recipes I keep in my brain, not difficult

  58. Bits of paper stuck to my fridge with magnets, they are looking a bit tatty or screen shots on my phone!

  59. I don’t tend to write recipes down as use my ipad to take pictures. I would like my mum to write some of her recipes down for me x

  60. Normally on the notepad on my phone

  61. I have an A4 ring binder, it used to be really neat, but is now really tatty!

  62. Scraps of random paper then stick them in the cupboard!

  63. Scraps of paper which I keep in a box, then can never find. My late mum wrote hers in a book which I have ( but can’t bear to tarnish it with my handwriting) Would love to pass something similar onto my kids one day.

  64. I rip mine out of magazines and write them on a piece of paper and put them inside a recipe book, and then complain when I loose the recipe lol!

  65. In the scrappiest excuse for a recipe book ever that is falling apart at every seam 🙂

  66. On the backs of envelopes usually.

  67. I write mine on notes, on the computer, and try to save in favourites ‘recipes to try’, a folder I have made of recipes when I have been looking through sites. If I feel wanting to try a new recipe or having a dinner party this is my first stop-off

  68. I have printed off recipes in scrapbooks and a ringed notebook for handwritten recipes. I love collecting recipes.

  69. Scraps of paper, im ashamed to say !

  70. I write my recipes on a note pad, not a very good idea because pages get torn off & writen on the back of them

  71. I have them on my computer and print them out and keep in a binder

  72. i have a notebook x

  73. I type them into the PC and then print off as I need them. Seriously not eco-friendly hence I need to win this book! 🙂

  74. Hannah Bee Griffin

    I have a notebook which has gotten really dirty through lots of use

  75. I write them on post it notes and cover my fridge in them! I need to be more organised.

  76. Christopher Packer

    I have a notebook with a picture of a dog on the front

  77. I usually just leave them on my computer

  78. I have a file but it’s broken and they all keep falling out! This would be great to keep them all tidy 🙂

  79. At the moment, in a little A6 notebook xx

  80. I write them on my computer and then have to go back and forth between the kitchen and the living room when I cook which is frustrating!

  81. I print them off & just have loose sheets of paper stuffed in drawers!

  82. Pieces of paper that I then put in plastic sleeves in a ring binder.

  83. In an old notebook, but it’s falling apart!

  84. on the back of envelopes, torn cardboard from cereal packets, on the inside covers of proper recipe books…

  85. claire griffiths

    I write mine on paper then put them in a file

  86. I currently write mine on bits of paper and leave them loose inside recipe books. If I simply do an adaptation of another recipe I write it next to the original recipe

  87. Patricia Edwards

    At the back of a favourite recipe book

  88. Two notebooks, one for savoury and one for sweet. That’s if I remember to copy them into there after I’ve blogged about them!

  89. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win this lovely notebook and at the same time to look at your blog in more detail.

  90. I write mine on scraps of paper which I then glue into a cook scrap book.

  91. I write mine on scraps of paper, I really need to get organised!

  92. I write mine on cards – but they are getting rather tatty looking!

  93. Gorgeous books

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