Win! Providence Deli products bundle giveaway!

You may remember me mentioning the lovely Providence Deli products I picked up at Gefiltefest. Read on to learn all about the range and win one of everything (plus some other goodies) for yourself!

providence deli jars

Beautifully packaged in smart glass jars, the Providence Deli range is all certified kosher, and consists of the following:

  • Dairy-free pesto
  • Onion relish
  • Black olive paste
  • Sun-dried tomatoes in oil
  • Fiery harissa

Dairy-free pesto is a wonderful thing, as it means you can enjoy the fabulous unique taste of pesto even if you’re vegan (or if you’re serving meat). Use it to dress an easy & delicious potato salad, or simply substitute into any recipe that calls for ‘cheesy’ pesto, to make it dairy-free!

I love pickles and relishes, and Providence Deli’s onion relish is a terrific one! Glam up a sandwich, or spread it on toast, then top with cheese and grill to golden perfection for a quick and tasty lunch. Yum!

Providence Deli onion relish

Kipper loves olives, and she is particularly fond of cream cheese and black olive paste sandwiches. They were a regular feature in her lunchbox last year, and I’m sure they’ll make a comeback in September. Black olive paste is also a brilliant quick sauce for pasta (thin with a little olive oil if necessary) or a delicious addition to a mezze plate with hummus, dips, and strips of toasted pitta. 

Sun-dried tomatoes are something of a kitchen staple here, and I’m sure they are for many other people too. I make a simple topping for salmon by whizzing them up in the food processor with some of the oil, then spreading over the fish before baking. Delicious! It looks beautiful, the flavour is gorgeous and the salmon stays wonderfully moist.

salmon with sundried tomatoes

Finally, the fiery harissa is a potent North African condiment which is a wonderful addition to marinades and dressings, and adds punch & pizazz to almost any dish. Use it to give a kick of chilli to sauces, or add a bit to your burger or falafel mix to turn up the heat. 

The Providence Deli range is available in the kosher sections of Waitrose stores, plus good independent retailers. The range is made in Israel and is certified kosher mehadrin. The products are all £2.69 except the sun-dried tomatoes which are £2.99.

So, the bit you’ve been waiting for – how do you win?! 

To be in with a  chance of winning one of each of the Providence Deli products listed above, plus a lovely Providence Deli cotton shopping bag and a selection of recipe cards, simply enter the giveaway using the rafflecopter below. Good luck!

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

I was provided with a selection of Providence Deli products to review. I was not required to write a positive post and any opinions expressed are my own. 


  1. To enhance my pasta dishes xx

  2. In salads

  3. Alison Macdonald

    Would make a nice little antipasto dish for my DH

  4. to make lunchtimes more interesting

  5. To make a selection of tapas, think they would really add a zing to meal

  6. Definitely on some salmon or tuna steaks!

  7. I love to use the onion relish instead of pickle in cheese and pickle sandwiches.

  8. on crackers with cheese yummy

  9. Marinade the Chicken Could make some delicious Flavours Yum ! xx

  10. Mixed into salads and pastas 😀

  11. with sandwich

  12. I’d use them in sandwiches

  13. on sandwiches

  14. These all sounds yummy! I love pesto chicken pasta so that would be the first id try!

  15. Louise Kat Whittaker

    I would use the black olive paste to compliment lamb, the onion relish would be lovely in a sausage sandwich, the dairy free pesto would be fantastic on pasta and my toddler could have some she cant eat dairy so this would be fab, the harissa I would rub on chicken and the sundried tomatoes I would be lucky to get a look in as hubby would eat them all from the jar

  16. a gorgeous pesto pasta dish with cheesy sun dried tomato garlic bread 🙂

  17. In sandwiches, as relish and as marinades on meat

  18. I have been experimenting with a ridiculous number of salads recently – green, pasta, potato – so I would experiment with using the Providence Deli products to liven them up!

    The sundried tomatoes would also go beautifully on my french bread pizza

  19. I would put the sundries tomatoes on top of homemade cheesy garlic bread!

  20. I would top minestrone soup with a spoonful of pesto. Thanks for the opportunity of winning this fab prize!

  21. I would use it on one of my favourite dishes to cook with

  22. with sandwiches

  23. I would love to use them on my salads and pasta dishes!

  24. I’m really intrigued by dairy free pesto! I love pesto but being on a diet, I can’t have it in my diet at the mo. Would love to win to try that

  25. I’d take my Ploughmans Lunch ot the next level – with generous dollops of these awesome products, it’d be a sizzling smorgasbord of awesomeness!

  26. Zoe (@zoethezog)

    Chicken and fish

  27. I’d use some and give a couple jars to my partner to spread to deliciousness

  28. Everywhere – on salads, in sandwiches on chicken

  29. To liven up my sandwiches.

  30. I would love to try them on salmon

  31. i would use this on chicken 😛 x

  32. Kelly (@Jakeysmummy2006)

    In new recipes!

  33. In salads and in pasta dishes- yummy!

  34. use on chicken and fish

  35. to enliven and spice up my cooking

  36. I love your idea of using the sundried tomatoes on the salmon so I would experiment with some similar ideas.

  37. Would love to spice up boring sandwiches with them, but they could be used in many meat dishes to add that extra “something”

  38. On salads to make them more exciting!

  39. I would use them to excite my salads

  40. Boring but I think they would be great on toast to spice up things like cheese 🙂

  41. Christina Palmer

    I would need to find some recipes to find ideas as I am not very adventurous when it comes to cooking but it would give me a chance to experiment and try out new ideas

  42. To liven up meals give them some zing

  43. Katrina |

    I would use the harissa in a spicy morrocan tagine!

  44. Kimberley Hazelton

    I’m not sure. I would have to research some new recipes.

  45. I would experiment with chicken, fish, pasta, in salads and sandwiches

  46. To liven up my cooking.

  47. they look like a great way to make meals more interesting.

  48. These are fabulous.I could use these daily for our meals,sandwiches etc x

  49. A lot of these would be great as part of an appetizer platter!

  50. Everything sounds wonderful! I’m sure I could find lots of ways to use these.

  51. I’d use them in sandiwches

  52. Mmmm … on bruschetta or in a pasta salad

  53. I would use most of them in sandwiches.

  54. Mmmmm, cream cheese and black olive paste sandwiches sounds delicious.

  55. so much choice cant make up my mind

  56. I would use it as part of my lunch.

  57. claire griffiths

    i would use with salmon and chicken yummy

  58. Tomatoes for extra flavourin spag bog

  59. the possibilities are endless!

  60. Suzanne Drummond

    i would use them to enhance the falvours of chicken salmon and prawns

  61. for a family dinner xx

  62. I’d use these in a tasty buffet lunch when my family come round for a visit, the fiery Harissa would be very popular 🙂

  63. I would use on fish and Chicken

  64. Now I’ve seen your Salmon I would try that!

  65. for snacks on crispbreads

  66. for a big family meal

  67. I would use these on salads and in pasta dishes thank you!

  68. I would marinade Chicken Yum! xxx

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