How to make the best Hamantaschen in the world this Purim!

Whether you like your hamantaschen sweet or savoury, traditional or avant-garde, you’ll find a recipe here to suit. Rustle up a treat this Purim!

It wouldn’t be Purim without a few delicious hamantaschen! These traditional three-cornered pastries are said to resemble the hat, or ears (depending on who you ask) of Haman – the villain of the Purim story. You can read more about the festival here.

Traditional tastes

Growing up there were only two kinds of hamantaschen – poppy seed (mohn) or cheese. I’d be hard pushed to choose a favourite. The mohn filling is sweet and dense with a unique flavour, while the sweet cheese filling is somewhere between cheesecake and a blintz. Yum. They were also always made with a yeasted dough and always came from a bakery. My Mum was an accomplished baker but never attempted yeasted cakes at home.

American-style ‘cookie’ hamantashen, which are much easier to produce in a domestic kitchen, arrived here in the UK more recently. Typically filled with jam, chocolate, or a dried fruit filling, they share a shape with the Purim pastries of my youth, but that’s where the similarity ends. Delicious, but in a different, and for me less nostalgic, way.

Unique new flavours

In recent years, the hamantaschen universe has expanded extraordinarily, and the genre now encompasses a huge range of sweet and savoury Purim treats. And while I still love a poppyseed-filled triangular bun, I also love experimenting with new flavours and ideas.

Below, I’ve pulled together a list of some of the greatest hamantashen recipes from around the web. The list is divided into sweet and savoury, and I’ve also marked which ones are vegan (or can easily be made vegan). I hope you find something that tickles your fancy! Have a great Purim!

20+ delicious sweet and savoury hamantaschen recipes.

Sweet hamantaschen recipes

I have a few sweet hamantaschen recipes here on family-friends-food, including these fortune cookie ‘taschen (that are much easier than they look!). You can hide jokes or Purim greetings inside instead of a fortune.

Fortune cookie hamantaschen.

I love these white chocolate & raspberry hamantaschen sandwich cookies . So delicious and perfect in a mishloach manot basket (or just with a cup of tea!).

jammy dodger hamantaschen.

These supernatural colorful hamantaschen from Nosherium contain no artificial colourings! But just look how pretty they are…

Yael at Nosherium also provides a gorgeous looking vegan recipe. Awesome!

Jewish baking maven Lil’ Miss Cakes has numerous hamantashen recipes over on her site, but I particularly like the look of these cookies ‘n’ cream ones.

cookies & cream hamantaschen

Or if you’re a fan of cinnamon, these Snickerdoodle hamantaschen will be hard to resist.

Prefer chocolate? How about some beautiful chocolate glazed hamantaschen with orange zest and pistachio dust from Kosher Like Me?

Other delicious sweet recipes include: 

Eccles cake hamantaschen from Family Friends Food.
Matcha green tea & white chocolate hamantaschen cookies from Let’s Eat Cake.
Hamantaschen pie from Cupcake Project.
Strawberry lemon meringue hamantaschen from Couldn’t Be Parve.
Raw date & almond hamantaschen (vegan, gluten-free) from Busy in Brooklyn.
Classic dairy hamantaschen from Ronnie Fein.
Vegan poppyseed hamantaschen buns from Family Friends Food.
Lemon lavender hamantaschen from Confident Cook, Hesitant Baker.
Cinnamon Bun hamantaschen from Salt and Serenity.
Salted Bourbon caramel hamantaschen by Marcia Friedman at Jewish Food Experience.
Brown sugar hamantaschen from Family Friends Food.

Savoury recipes

Everyone who tried them LOVED my pizzataschen. Perfect Purim party food!

pizza hamantaschen

Or if it’s a Purim packed lunch you’re after, how about a cheese and vegetable pasty-taschen?

vegetable pasty hamantaschen.

Emily at Poppy and Prune has created a fabulous Sephardi-Ashkenazi mashup with her glorious sounding ‘Boyotaschen’ – savoury pastries with a tasty spinach and cheese filling.

I also love the sound of:

Kimchi hamantaschen dumplings (vegan) from Confident Cook, Hesitant Baker.
Cheddar biscuit hamantaschen from Kitchen Tested.
Cardamom scented hamantashen with pear and goat cheese filling, from Joy of Kosher.
Samosa hamantaschen (sub margarine for butter to make vegan) from Elegant Meraki.
Falafel stuffed hamantashen from Kosher Like Me.

Whatever you choose to make, I hope you have a wonderful, and delicious Purim!


  1. I really must try and make some of these delicious little bites, they look so good.

  2. Wow so many combinations and all so pretty. Great idea to transform the recipe into a fortune cookie variety.

  3. What a great selection. I am now feeling very very hungry!

  4. Thank you so much for including my recipes! I hope to post another one soon!

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