Dry-rubbed roasted salmon from The Healthy Jewish Kitchen by Paula Shoyer + book review

Dry-rubbed roasted salmon

A delicious and simple spice-crusted roasted salmon recipe, from Paula Shoyer’s new book The Healthy Jewish Kitchen. Do you wish you could eat more healthily? It’s no secret that a lot of Jewish food falls at the less healthy end of the spectrum. Traditional dishes tend to be heavy on the…

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Crispy grilled mackerel with garlic & lemon

grilled mackerel with garlic & lemon.

We love the crispy, smoky skin & juicy, flavourful flesh of this delicious grilled mackerel. Packed with Omega 3, it’s a healthy family favourite dinner. First, let me apologise for the sub-standard photos accompanying this recipe. I’ve made this garlicky grilled mackerel several times recently and failed to get a really…

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