Honey roasted root vegetables with apples

Apples & honey aren’t just for desserts! Try them in these delicious roasted root vegetables – a perfect autumnal side for Rosh Hashanah or any festive meal.

Honey and apples! Does anything shout Rosh Hashanah more? I must admit, I’m guilty of adding them to all sorts of dishes, but these roasted root vegetables are definitely among my favourites.

Roasty toasty veg

If you’re a regular reader here, you’ll know I love roasted vegetables (for instance these roasted carrots with orange and ginger, these garlic and parmesan roasted veggies, these cumin roasted beets with chickpeas or these maple roasted carrots and parsnips to name just a few). So creating an apple-and-honeyed-up Rosh Hashanah version was really a no-brainer. Especially when adding a drizzle of honey (or maple syrup) is proven to make roasted veg even more delicious.

Roasted roots – carrots, parsnips and beetroots – are fairly sweet anyway, so a little added honey serves to accentuate the flavour, whilst also adding a lovely sticky, caramelised outer layer. The apple meanwhile, mellows to earthy sweet softness alongside the vegetables. If you like a sweet-savoury combination, you’ll love these roasted vegetables! Carrots and beets also feature among the symbolic foods that are traditionally eaten on Rosh Hashanah, so this recipe is a winner all round.

Enticing aromas

Also, there’s something wonderful about the aroma of warm honey as it wafts through the house. The gorgeous sweet smell lingered in the kitchen until the next day – a really comforting, cosy fragrance.

These roasted root vegetables are a brilliant side dish for a family yomtov meal, as they’re quick and simple to prepare, especially if you can persuade the kids to peel the veggies! Once cooked, they’ll happily sit in a moderate oven for a while until you’re ready to eat them. They’re also good cold, so any leftovers can easily be recycled as a ‘salad’ the next day. In theory. I made a huge tray, intending to do this, but DH and Kipper liked them so much there were hardly any left!

On which basis, I’d say this recipe serves 3-4.

Apples & honey aren't just for desserts! Try them in these delicious roasted root vegetables - a perfect autumnal side for Rosh Hashanah or any festive meal.

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Roasted root vegetables with honey & apples

Course Side Dish
Cuisine jewish
Keyword apple, beet, beetroot, carrot, honey
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour 10 minutes
Servings 4
Calories 446kcal
Author Helen


  • 1.3-1.5 kg mixed root vegetables e.g. carrots, parsnips and beets (2.8-3.3lb)
  • 2 dessert apples
  • 75 ml olive oil (⅓ cup)
  • 25 ml runny honey (scant 2 tbsp)


  • Preheat the oven to 180°C (350°F).
  • Peel the vegetables, and cut into smaller pieces if large - I usually quarter the beets, and cut carrots and parsnips into 2-4 pieces. Place in a large bowl.
  • Remove the cores from the apples and cut each apple into 8 wedges. Add to the vegetables.
  • Whisk the olive oil and honey together. Pour over the vegetables and apples and toss to coat.
  • Tip the vegetables and apples onto a large baking tray and spread out into a single layer (or as close as possible). Roast in the preheated oven for about an hour, until tender and browning.
  • Serve hot or cold.

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  5. Love the idea of adding beetroot to the roasting tin with the honeyed vegetables. Delicious!

  6. Roasting vegetables in honey and mustard is my favourite way to use them. It totally transforms the flavour I think!

  7. Oh I love the addition of apple. What a fabulous idea. I love roasted vegetables. So autumnal too.

  8. This looks super good! I’ve been looking for a new way to try beets – one of my most hated vegetables as a child and teenager – I may try them this way!:)

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