Pesach food trivia quiz! A fun Passover seder activity

Need a fun way to learn about Pesach traditions & festive dishes around the Jewish world?  Download a FREE Pesach food trivia quiz to entertain and inspire your family & friends. 

I love the seder. There’s something very comforting about its familiarity. We know all the stories in the Hagaddah backwards, but it’s still fun to read them again, and again, for the umpteenth time.

seder plate

But despite a deep and abiding fondness for the seder it can, sometimes, get a little, well, formulaic and repetitive. Especially if you make two seders. Even if you’re munching the most delicious charoset in the world, the second night can feel like a lacklustre re-run of the night before.

So many people, ourselves included, have come up with games, songs, and fun family traditions to inject a bit of va-va-voom back into the proceedings. It’s especially important if you have children present!

Inspiration in deepest Norfolk

A few weeks ago, my shul had a weekend away in a country house in Norfolk. Among other things, I was tasked with preparing the entertainment for Saturday evening. Something fun and engaging that 25-30 adults could all do together.

In the end, I created a giant board game, based around the theme of Jewish food. Players were divided into teams, and moved around the board answering Jewish food trivia questions, and collecting items of cutlery. It was a great success, and a lot of fun! 

giant board game

One of the trivia question categories was Pesach foods. So then, I had an idea…

Instant Seder activity!

We hadn’t used all the questions when we played the game, and we are encouraged to ask questions at the seder, so…..

This year, our seder will be enlivened by a Pesach food trivia quiz. We will test seder attendees’ knowledge of obscure Pesach food traditions and dishes from around the world, Passover food mass production techniques, and vintage marketing of favourite Pesach food items.

And since I’m feeling generous, I’ve made the Pesach food trivia quiz into a free downloadable pdf, so you can share it with your family and friends too!


free pesach food quiz

Simply click here to download and print a copy for yourself.

Wishing you an enjoyable seder and a chag Pesach sameach!

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