The best Pesach dinner ideas – family approved!

From delicious fish cakes to scrumptious moussaka, gnocchi, & stroganoff, Pesach dinner will never be boring! Treat your family to one of our favourites.

By the time you’ve got your seder out of the way, there’s less than a week left, but somehow coming up with chametz-free dinner ideas even for a few days seems like a challenge. Never fear! Below are some of my family’s favourite Pesach meals – some of them are so good we eat them even when it isn’t Pesach ?

And because you’re probably knackered from all the Yomtov cooking, none of these is particularly difficult or time-consuming to make – with the exception of the moussaka which is dead easy, but does take a while. Totally worth it though – I make it as a special dinnertime treat all year!

Salmon fishcakes with dill and olives

These are super-yummy and are a great way to make the most of tinned salmon, or use up leftover cooked salmon from another meal. A green salad or some steamed veggies and dinner is served!

Easy to make salmon fishcakes (burgers) flavoured with fresh dill, spring onions & olives. A delicious & economical family supper that's packed with protein.

Vegetarian moussaka

Rich tomato sauce, savoury grilled aubergines, meltingly soft potato, all layered together and finished with a tangy yogurt and feta topping. There would be mutiny if I didn’t make this! It’s a bit of effort but totally worth it, and you can always make it ahead and then bake it when you’re ready, so there’s really no excuse not to…

vegetarian, gluten-free moussaka

Mushroom and vegetable bourguignon

Deliciously hearty mushrooms and vegetables in a rich red wine and herb sauce. Perfect served with garlic mashed potatoes for an easy-to-make but indulgent dinner.

mushroom bourguignon

Salmon with sun-dried tomatoes

This is another year-round winner. It takes literally moments to prepare, looks gorgeous and tastes amazing. What more do you want from a recipe?! Serve with potato salad and some green veg and everyone’s happy.

Salmon with sun-dried tomatoes

Aubergine shakshuka

Adding chunky aubergines to the sauce transforms this shakshuka into a substantial and even-more-delicious meal. All you need is some buttered matzah on the side, and you’re good to go! (Not so keen on aubergines? Try this green shakshuka instead!)

aubergine (eggplant) shakshuka

Easy vegetable crustless quiche

Packed with delicious vegetables, this easy crustless quiche is delicious served hot, warm or cold, so it’s terrifically versatile, and can be made in advance. And as well as being a great dinner or lunch, you can even serve it for breakfast! 

easy crustless quiche

Root vegetable stroganoff

Sometimes Pesach is warm and Spring is definitely in the air. Sometimes it’s freezing and you wonder if winter will ever end. In case of the latter, this rich and vibrant veggie stew is just what you need. If you eat rice or quinoa on Pesach then they go fantastically well with this, but buttery mashed potatoes make a very acceptable alternative. (If you don’t fancy root veg, you might prefer my spinach & mushroom stroganoff instead.)

Brighten up your dinner table with this vibrant root vegetable Stroganoff - chunky carrots, beets & swede in a tangy paprika & yogurt sauce. Delicious!

Pesach Potato Gnocchi

If you can’t make it through the week without serious pasta cravings, this is your answer! Serve with pesto, tomato sauce, or just butter and cheese, and all will be well with the world. They are a bit time consuming, but they can be made ahead and frozen which helps. (You might also enjoy them in this tomato soup with gnocchi & aubergine croutons.) 

Delicious home-made potato gnocchi contain no wheat flour and are naturally gluten-free. Choose from plain or cheesy options for a satisfying family meal.

Baked fish with juicy rainbow peppers and hawaij

We enjoy this fish dish all year round. It’s quick and easy to put together, looks beautiful, and tastes delicious! Serve with crispy potato wedges or a spoonful of quinoa and dinner is ready.

You might also like these spinach souffle potatoes, this showstopping hasselback aubergine (eggplant) or these chopped and fried gefilte fish balls. Take a look through the Pesach recipe archives and let me know what your family loves in the comments below. 

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From delicious fish cakes to scrumptious moussaka, gnocchi, & stroganoff, Pesach dinner will never be boring! Treat your family to one of our favourites.


  1. I had foot surgery 2 weeks ago and still can’t stand on both feet. I love going through your posts to see what I can do that will be easy for me over the Yom Tov. My British friend always bring us her fish balls for Shabbat. They are the best ever. Thanks for your help. I’m using the crustless quiche and cauliflower chowder for sure.

    • Thanks Judith! I hope you have a speedy recovery and manage to enjoy Yom Tov. I’m really pleased you enjoy reading my posts 🙂
      Take care and chag sameach! Helen x.

  2. Elizabeth Applebaum

    Hi from Detroit, and thank you for your terrific blog! Your recipes are so inspired and easy-to-make and original. I love them! Can’t wait to try the gnocchi. Thank you for posting!

  3. I see potato gnocchi mentioned but no recipe. where’s the recipe?

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