The best easy Pesach lunch ideas – family approved!

Need inspiration for healthy and delicious family Pesach lunches?
Here are more than 10 fabulous recipes that are quick, easy, or can be made in advance.

Lunch for us is usually a sandwich, or something on toast, so Pesach lunches do present something of a challenge! To help overcome this problem, I’ve gathered together a collection of recipes and ideas for easy Passover lunches that are quick to make, take minimal preparation, or can be done in advance, so lunchtimes can be stress-free and delicious.

Many of the recipes here include a good portion of vegetables, so they’re also healthy choices. From fresh and filling salads to chunky soup and a zingy green shakshuka, take a look at these suggestions, all of which have been given the seal of approval by my family and friends.

Cheese and herb scones

Yes, you read that correctly – scones for Pesach! These savoury scones have a delicious cheesy flavour and can be enjoyed simply spread with butter, or with some more cheese or different fillings. They also make a great accompaniment to vegetable soups or salads for a more filling midday meal.

Cheese & Herb Scones for Pesach

Matza Pizza

Easy, quick and delicious – we love matza pizza! Get everyone to make their own then pop them in the oven for two minutes and Bob’s your uncle! Load up the toppings and cheese and enjoy a family-friendly KFP slice.

Matza pizza.

Green Shakshuka

This easy green shakshuka recipe makes a single portion of healthy, veg-packed lunch. But don’t worry, you can easily scale up to feed a crowd!

A perfectly cooked egg is surrounded by a soft, cumin-scented vegetable hash. This delicious green shakshuka is quick, easy & oh so good! Paleo & whole30 compatible.

Chopped and fried gefilte fish balls

It wouldn’t be Pesach if you didn’t have fish balls for lunch at least once! This is my tried-and-trusted recipe for perfect golden-brown fried gefilte fish balls that are crispy on the outside and fluffy and delicious within. You can make a big batch in advance and store them in the fridge till needed. Just add a salad and don’t forget the chraine!

How to make delicious, crispy, 'chopped & fried' gefilte fish balls from scratch - so much better than shop bought! Eat them with chraine for a real treat!

Roasted cauliflower and vegetable chowder

More than just a chunky soup, this fabulous hearty chowder is a meal in a bowl! We all adored the flavours of savoury roasted cauliflower, buttery fried onions and deliciously sweet carrots. Sprinkle with grated cheese and serve for a simple, no-fuss meal that everyone can enjoy. 

cauliflower & vegetable chowder

Quick smoked mackerel and avocado pate

I love the creamy texture and delicious lightly smoky flavour of this quick to prepare pate. It’s perfect spread onto matza for a light lunch. Serve with some mixed leaves and cherry tomatoes to get some more of your 5-a-day!

Quick smoked mackerel & avocado pate (Pesach)

Courgetti (zoodles) with avocado pesto and baby plum tomatoes

On a sunny Spring day this is just what I want to tuck into at lunchtime. Creamy, yummy and full of fresh flavours, it’ll power you through whatever the afternoon brings. (It also makes a great side dish or addition to a cold buffet.)

zoodle salad with avocado pesto

Baked eggs in sweet potatoes

This is all of Kipper’s favourite things in one delicious package. Soft, buttery, baked sweet potato filled with a soft-yolked, just-cooked egg. Perfection. If you fancy a few more veggies, then asparagus spears, pepper strips or cucumber sticks can all be dunked into the egg yolk for a drippy and delicious mouthful.

Garlic and herb potato wedges

These are so much more than a side dish! I could easily eat a plate with nothing more than mayonnaise to dip them into, they’re SO yummy. Spoon over some chunky fresh salsa and melt grated cheese over the top if you’re feeling super-indulgent. 

Summer salad with grilled vegetables

If the weather is good enough to fire up the barbecue, grill yourself some veggies and make this fabulous and filling salad. (You can always grill them in a pan, inside, if the weather’s rubbish.) The olive dressing makes this dish zing with flavour. If you can find K-for-P halloumi, sling a few slices of that on the grill too, and serve alongside. You won’t regret it.

chargrilled vegetable salad with black olive dressing

Some of the items on my lists of family approved Pesach breakfasts and Pesach dinners also make great lunches too! – for instance this yummy  vegetable crustless quiche, tasty omelette muffin bites, or fabulous salmon fishcakes. Or try courgette and potato tortilla (Spanish omelette) or aubergine shakshuka. Yum.

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Need inspiration for healthy and delicious Pesach lunches that your family will enjoy? Here's 10 fabulous lunch recipes that are quick, simple, or can be made in advance. Relax and enjoy this Pesach!



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