More than 20 great recipes for cooking with kids this school holiday

School holidays are upon us again! Time to get busy in the kitchen and rustle up some culinary delights with our little helpers…

top 10 recipes for cooking with kids

For those readers who are already in the thick of the school holiday activity search, here is a handy list of some of my (and Kipper’s) favourite kid-friendly recipes. They are all relatively simple to make, and give yummy results. You might not necessarily want to hand over the ingredients and leave the children to it, but once they can weigh and measure, older children can probably manage at least some of these with very little intervention.

Aprons at the ready! Let’s get cooking!

1. These 3-ingredient nutella cupcakes are a doddle to make, and pretty much foolproof. Also, delicious to eat. Even culinarily-challenged children should be able to measure, mix and dollop. Yummy results guaranteed. (If you don’t fancy cupcakes, try the 3-ingredient nutella shortbread instead!)

Nutella cupcake with a mug of tea.

2. What could be cuter than a teddy bear cuddle cookie? Use the mixer to make the dough, then let the children loose with the rolling pin, cutters and nuts. If you don’t fancy teddies you can cut out whatever shape you like. Light, flavoursome vanilla cookies, perfect with a glass of milk. (Or how about some spiced honey shortbread – just right for Halloween.)

Teddy bear cuddle cookies honey shortbread for halloween

3. Fancy something savoury? French toast pizza rolls require a little more dexterity but would be a great project for older kids who can be trusted with a hot frying pan. These make a fabulous lunch, brunch or supper. 

french toast pizza rolls

4. Whatever the weather, how about some fruity frozen treats! Only one of them is ‘almost instant’, unfortunately, but the others are definitely worth the wait while they freeze into fabulousness. No added sugar in any of these. Hurrah!

Four fruity frozen treats

5. Little fingers are just the right size to put blueberries into baking cups, to make these scrumptiously fruity blueberry-orange upside-down cakes. If you’d rather avoid the sugar, try naturally sweet banana & blueberry muffins instead. (Who cares if a few blueberries get gobbled up along the way?)

Blueberry orange upside-down cakes banana & blueberry muffins - no added sugar

6. School holiday lunchtimes can be fun, and pretty, when you make flower toast aka ‘egg in the basket’. Older children can fry this themselves, while younger ones can supervise the toasting, do the cutting out, and maybe even try breaking an egg into a glass. 

flower toast on a plate

7. More cookies? Oh, go on then. Kids love making thumbprints and spooning jam, which is just what’s needed for these flower thumbprint cookies

Spring flower thumbprint cookies

8. And these cocoa nib chocolate chip cookies are full of flavour, not to mention chocolate, and jolly good fun to make.

Box of cocoa nib cookies

9. One of Kipper’s favourite dinners is DIY flatbread pizza. Give the children a selection of toppings and let them create their own combinations. This could even be a sneaky way to encourage vegetable consumption! If your kids are super keen they can even make their dough from scratch using this recipe.

Stages of making a flatbread pizza

10. And finally, cake, sprinkles and jam are all you need to make cheat’s truffle cake pops. In the recipe I use Pesach (Passover) cake, but any ready-made cake will do. You can substitute cream cheese for some or all of the jam if you want to make it a bit healthier. Enjoy!

cheat's truffle cake pops

There are plenty more recipes here on family-friends-food that children with a little kitchen confidence, or a helpful parent, could happily attempt, like these omelette muffin bites, sweet quesadillas, or flourless potato gnocchi (which Kipper had a lot of fun rolling out and marking with a fork). Have a browse and get inspired. Plus, here are some great ideas from other bloggers:

Spiced tofu fingers from Tinned Tomatoes
Sweetcorn & courgette fritters from KneadWhine
Really easy potato wedges from Eats Amazing
Cheesy baked bean pasty puffs from Fuss Free Flavours

Pear & ginger spelt muffins from Maison Cupcake
Easy jam tarts from Tin and Thyme
Frozen fruity yogurt bites from Eats Amazing

Have a great holiday! You can clean the kitchen once school starts again….





  1. Neat article. Forget the kids; I’m tempted to make the egg and toast for breakfast tomorrow.

  2. That honey shortbread sounds absolutely delicious. Never heard of that before x

  3. Yes I see a lot of baking happening next week with the kids! Those cookies are adorable – on my must make list.

  4. Never mind the little ones, or even the slightly bigger little ones, I’m rather taken with your French bread pizza rolls 🙂

  5. Great idea here Helen and I love the fun egg in toast idea in particular:-)

  6. Becca @ Amuse Your Bouche

    I love the teddy bear cookies! So cute, and so easy to adapt – maybe little brown bears with chocolate cookie dough? 🙂

  7. I love your recipes! We are big cooks (especially bakers) in our house, so we will be using some of these next week. Thanks!

  8. mummy m's memories

    Ive never thought of bending men shaped cookies to hold something before, great idea! Lots of ideas here, may give the egg in the toast a go too! 🙂

    • Thanks – although I have to admit I saw something similar on a Japanese website (although I couldn’t understand what was written!). Hope you have fun cooking 🙂

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