Helen’s delicious Pesach – my recipe book is here!

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For the last what-seems-like-forever I’ve been writing, illustrating, typesetting, designing and generally preparing a book of delicious recipes for Pesach (Passover). And now, at last, I can share it with YOU!

Pesach food needs to be free from chametz, which basically means no grains, so all the recipes are naturally gluten-free. They’re also free from kitniot and gebrokhts, which will mean something to you if care about these things. If you’ve never heard these words before, don’t worry about them :-)

For each of the eight days of Pesach you will find a recipe for breakfast, a main dish, a side dish or salad, a potato dish, and a cake or dessert. All the recipes have been tried and tested, and given the Kipper seal-of-approval. She was particularly keen on some of the cakes & desserts.

Helen's delicious Pesach contents pages

The book is available as an ebook (for iPad) for £4.99, a pdf document for £6.99 or if you’re feeling really flush you can invest in a gorgeous glossy print version for £19.

You can preview some of the pages below. Happy Pesach!


Please contact me if you have any questions, or would like a review copy.

Lentilles vertes with fresh & dried mushrooms

lentilles vertes & mushrooms

You’d think, having been entirely or mostly vegetarian for 25 years, I’d be pretty au fait with lentils. Not so. I reckon I’ve got red lentils pretty much sussed. And the other main kind here in the UK seems to be green lentils. So far, so straightforward. The problems arrive with …

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White chocolate & raspberry hamantaschen sandwich biscuits – jammy dodger-taschen!

white chocolate & raspberry hamantaschen sandwich cookies

Sometimes, late at night, I have really great ideas. Most of the time, I have pretty terrible ideas, but sometimes, they’re really, really great. Like these biscuits for example. I was thinking of new and interesting variations on a hamantaschen theme, ahead of this year’s Purim celebrations. For some reason, …

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Nutella shortbread hearts – easy 3-ingredient chocolate Valentines biscuits

Nutella shortbread biscuits

I’ve mentioned before about my love-hate relationship with Nutella. Sooo delicious, yet so unhealthy. Sigh. There’s big jar of it in our cupboard, which I try hard to ignore, but every so often it reminds me of its presence. That happened this week, when Kipper finally earned her ‘special breakfast’ …

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Cavolo nero & hazelnut pesto

Pasta with cavolo nero & hazelnut pesto

I found myself with a surplus of cavolo nero. This is not something I ever expected to say, but there you are. I had two big bunches, and no good ideas. My default when faced with kale and its relations is to saute with onions/garlic and add cream. For instance …

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Naturally sweet banana & blueberry muffins – no added sugar!

banana & blueberry muffins - no added sugar

Kipper had a friend coming round to play and I’d promised we’d bake something in advance. I’d bought a huge bag of coconut flour at the weekend, and was hoping to use the opportunity to do something experimental, but Kipper was adamant that we stick to tried and tested. There …

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5-grain and onion soup with cheese brûlée

5-grain onion soup

Regular readers will know that DH is not a big soup eater. In fact, he considers soup to be a waste of time and vegetables. I disagree, vehemently, but for the sake of domestic harmony I tend not to make too much in the way of soup. So when he’s …

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