Garlic & parmesan roasted vegetables – beans, carrots, romanesco

garlic & parmesan roasted vegetables - carrots, beans and cauliflower

Roasted vegetables? Yes please. I must admit to being a little obsessed with this method of cooking all manner of veggies. (As evidenced by this recipe, this one, this one here, and countless others.) The thing is, it makes them taste AMAZING. Just a glug of oil and a hot …

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Cauliflower with tomato and dill

cauliflower with tomato & dill

I’m always on the lookout for new things to do with cauliflower. Otherwise, it ends up in a risotto, or cauliflower cheese or some sort of pasta dish. I also tend to use a lot of dairy products with cauli, or anchovies, so I was also keen to find a vegan-friendly …

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Halloween themed spiced honey shortbread

honey shortbread for halloween

Halloween is not a big deal in this house. Call me a curmudgeon but I’m just not keen on this Americanized sugar-fest. Also, it’s too close to 5th November – a proper British holiday! – and I resent how it’s been edging it out. Forget the trick-or-treating, bring back penny-for-the-guy! And …

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Pear and stilton toast – 4 ingredients

pear & stilton toast

Posh cheese on toast, that’s what this is. It’s also one of the yummiest things I’ve knocked up in 5 minutes in a long time. Kipper and I had been out somewhere, I can’t even remember where but it must have been someone’s house, because she’d been grazing all morning on …

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World’s greatest roast potatoes

Roast potatoes

UPDATE 20 October 2014: There is a monthly Jewish food challenge called the Kosher Connection that I sometimes participate in. This month’s theme is “The One Food You Would Want If Stranded On An Island.” I thought quite hard about this, and decided that I’d probably want the ultimate comfort …

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Welly boot crumble – apples, blackberries and walnuts

apple, blackberry & walnut crumble

Kipper and I spent a lovely morning in the woods and came away with a load of windfall apples. We had nothing to carry them in, so stashed them in Kipper’s wellies. (Don’t worry, she had other shoes with her!) Kipper thought this was absolutely HILARIOUS. Anyway, once they were …

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Parsnip & carrot kugel – egg- and dairy-free

carrot & parsnip kugel

Kugel is a very traditional Ashkenazi Jewish food, with the two classic variants being potato, and lokshen (noodle). In essence, kugel is a starchy baked pudding, usually bound together with eggs. Potato kugel is typically savoury but lokshen kugel is more usually sweet, often with dried fruit and sometimes held together with a …

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Bulgar stuffed courgettes with pine nuts (vegan)

courgette stuffed with bulgar wheat, vegetables & pine nuts

A long, long time ago, when I lived in Israel and had a vegan flatmate, I used to make variations on this dish quite regularly. It always went down well as part of a large-scale Shabbat meal for a crowd. And, as these things occasionally do, this dish bubbled up …

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