Natural 1-ingredient parve whip! Plus Braun Multiquick hand blender review

tropical jelly & whipped coconut cream

As I’m sure you know, one of the features of a kosher kitchen is the total separation of milk and meat ingredients. This means that kosher cooks have two sets of pots, pans, utensils, serving dishes, crockery, cutlery etc. etc. – one for milky food and one for meaty. However, the …

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Gefiltefest – the Jewish Food Festival


The organisers of Gefiltefest – the Jewish Food festival – should be feeling pretty chuffed right now, having not only pulled off a brilliant and inspiring event, but also persuading me to get up early on a Sunday and make the train journey to London! I’m so glad I went. Read on …

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Tuna puttanesca with tagliatelle

tuna puttanesca pasta

“This is the best thing you’ve made for ages!” So spake DH as he tucked into a bowlful of this delicious savoury pasta. Kipper, I’m sure, would have voiced her approval too, but she was too busy stuffing saucy pasta into her mouth.  Not a bad result for something I threw …

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Bulgar wheat & pesto stuffed aubergines

pesto & bulgar wheat stuffed aubergines

Kipper: “Yummy. This is yummy.” Pause. “I’d call this… DELICIOUS!” I might well have predicted that a dish which includes two of Kipper’s most favourite foods ever – aubergines (eggplants) & pesto – was going to be a big hit. She was all over these, from the golden, melty cheese …

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Flourless almond butter cupcakes two ways (gluten free)

almond butter cupcakes

Regular readers will remember my peanut-butter phobia. I usually buy almond butter as a replacement, but decided to have a go at making some myself, from whole raw almonds. Lovely. I used a high-powered countertop blender, and within seconds, the almonds had been reduced to a fine powder, and after about …

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Creamy courgette puff pastry tart

Creamy courgette (zucchini) puff pastry tart

Fuelled by the success of my courgetti, we’ve been a bit spiraliser-crazy here recently, and I had three large courgettes (zucchini) sitting in the fridge, awaiting their moment of spiralisation. But, you can have too much of a good thing, and I ultimately decided to prepare them with a mandolin …

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Cod with a garlic, herb & parmesan crust

Cod with a garlic, herb & parmesan crust

It’s no surprise that my recipe for roasted veggies with garlic & parmesan is one of the most popular on this site. They are addictively good! We had some recently using asparagus – wow! If you haven’t tried them, I strongly recommend it. Leave the fish for now, make the veggies, come …

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No bake ‘healthy’ Nutella bites

nutella bites twitter

Kipper has, as you might expect, a number of cuddly toys. These cover the extent of the animal kingdom, and include elephants, giraffes, dogs, ducks, fish, monkeys, seals, whales, rabbits, octopi, and, of course, bears. Most of them live in a storage box but there are a few who have …

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Roasted salmon with beetroot and horseradish topping

Roasted salmon with horseradish & beetroot

OK, OK, so Pesach was a couple of months ago, but I still have most of a horseradish root lingering in the bottom of the vegetable drawer. Every year it’s the same, you use a couple of inches of fresh horseradish at your seder, then the remainder slowly withers in the …

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